Sunday, July 26, 2009

We Love you, Mei Mei

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Road Trip - One Word Mule

The Road Trip got off to a rocky slow beginning, but it turned to be so much fun. We drove and drove, to spend time with our family - it was 120% worth it . Thanks family for all your love, prayers and encouragement as we continue on our adoption journey to bring home Nara Josette, and lots of good times. The boys were so excited to meet Tamara and see Julie & Chip. She is a wonder from above and slept like a pea in a pod. Oh, how sweet the bonding time is when you first bring home a newborn and watching them in awe their creation... (Thanks for the siren & lights and super figures..., Chip!)

We were so excited to be able to celebrate Sami's 6th Birthday with her and finally see their beautiful new home. Sami is such a girly, girl it is refreshing to see her and she's also a cute 'little Momma' to Whit. She was surprised by her cake and loved that it was from, 'Taylor Swift'.

On the last leg of our journey, we made it to the farm. It was an unforgettable experience for us all. We are so blessed to have such a memories. Huge THANKS to Jim, Deb, Amy, Lee, & Piper, our fam at the Neill Farm. The boys LOVED!!! riding the tractor and Mule, petting the horses, playing with Piper, chasing & catching lightening bugs and toads. Graham's favorite time was driving the Mule. He even discovered how to crank it, much to our surprise so Jim had to hide the keys from him...O' Grambo)

It is true, Boys love to be outdoors, it's in their nature. I am thankful that Rob is such a fun Dad with them and he enjoys the wide world of outdoors, too! I enjoy nature, but holding toads and frogs is not on my top 1000 list. The Road Trip ended in wee hours of the night and we were all glad to make it home to our nice comfy beds. I can see more Road Trips to come in our near future...

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Birthday & Welcome Wishes

We're all looking forward to a great Saturday with family. Tomorrow we're traveling to visit our cousin/niece, Samantha, who's celebrating her 6th Birthday. She is such a sweetie and she really loves Taylor Swift and pink. My sister asked, "how can I create a Taylor Swift party..." Good question. So, I decided to make her a guitar cake from T.S. and the inside of the cake is strawberry pink sprinkle cake, YUM! She is really going to be surprised with her pink T.S. party that her Mom created.

Best Friends and Cousins - Sami & Haylee

Then we're driving on to visit with our new cousin, Tamara, who was born a little over a week ago. Her parents are huge UA fans, but that's o.k. we still love her just as much.

Welcome precious Tamara!
Finally we hope to stop by the Neill farm to surprise the boys with a tractor ride...

'Oh the fun of Summer and Road Trips!

Love ~

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Splishin & Splashin, Diving to 5

Happy 5th Birthday to our first born, Ford. We can hardly believe that 5 years have passed since he entered this world, our lives, and began our family. Ford is a leader, thoughtful, and asks many questions beyond his age, we cannot imagine our lives any other way.

Thank you, Ford, for who you are and the young man you are becoming, we pray that God will shine through your life. We celebrated with a wonderfully fun pool party and were blessed to have many family and friends to join us. (Truly, it wouldn't have been a party, without everyone who came.)

Ford couldn't decide what type of party he wanted, but finally "A Beary Pool Party"... I made the best cake I could to help him celebrate the theme and enjoy a tasty morsel, too.

Also, our cousin Tessa spent the whole last week with us and we enjoyed it so very much! Thanks bunches for a great time, Cousin!

Happy Birthday as well to our cousins, Susan and Tamara, who share the same birthday as Ford - what a special bond!

We Love you Ford! May God grow and bless your heart and life with whatever each day holds.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday America

We had a great Independence Day celebration, we hope you did too. We went to the Prattville 4th of July Parade and then spent the day eating, swimming, and lighting a few fireworks. We are very thankful for our country, the freedoms that our founding fathers sacrificed for us, and that our military provide for us today. We pray daily for our country and our leaders, God will lead our way.