Friday, July 23, 2010

The Journey Continues Beyond the River Bank

This week has been busy, I'm not sure exactly why... We haven't had any thing particular going on, but we do move next week - so that may be it..... We're finally moving into our new home. We are so exited! We have truly enjoyed staying at our friends river house this summer, but we've  felt a little removed, being so far from town and all of the surprise wild guests, almost on a daily basis has been a little unnerving.  We are so very thankful to our very generous and kind friends for allowing us to stay at their house. We envisioned that it would only be for 3-4 weeks, but instead our stay turned into the whole summer. We've could not have ever imagined such generosity from anyone. It has been a humbling summer for us in so many ways; the house, the adoption, being kind of isolated in the wilderness. It's also been a over time of respite for me and the boys. It's hard to describe, but just a sense of calmness at the river with God's beauty all around us everyday, no fast hustle and bustle, no noise, no crime, just us..... We've played a lot of games, colored and painted, read books, and just enjoyed one another. I thought I might lose my cool after being home with the boys everyday all summer, but it's been restful in spirit with no schedule to adhere to day to day. We'll miss the river house, but truly relish moving to our new home, our destination after almost a year of searching for a new home. We are so thankful for the many family, friends, and others who encouraged and helped us along this long journey, but we are most thankful for your prayers. God has opened a new door for us. We will most definitely miss seeing some of our friends everyday, but we look forward to this new adventure. We will also miss the peacocks at the river, they have been such a blessing during this uncertain time. Almost like having temporary pets, we all love them, but the boys are in awe of  them - if they could sleep with them they would have them tucked in beside them at night. We believe our new home will be a great place for our family in the years to come. The big boys will be starting a new school this year, as they are getting older everyday and Whit is waiting the arrival of Nara Josette, so that he can have a buddy/his sister too. We hope to get settled and to hopefully travel to China in the fall to bring Nara Josette home with us. We continue on our journey, though some things are changing, we look forward to each bend in our path. Thank you Thank you, we could not have made it as well, during the past few months without our Faith and all your love.

WIth Much Love ~
The Beautiful River

Hay being harvested




River view



The long road home

Beautiful View

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our Jedi Celebration

We celebrated Ford's 6th Birthday this week, he had his heart set on a Star Wars adventure.  It seems that we view the word - birthday - so casually. Truly it should be a day of celebration! It's a day that God planned and allowed each of us to be born into this world, for His purpose (Isaiah 49:1,3). What an amazing gift and celebration. I know some people don't celebrate individual birthdays with much gusto, but we do! What a fantastic way to show our love for the person and the opportunity that each day brings with it. We pray and hope God's love and guidance will be in each of our children's hearts and God will make their paths straight. We also pray that along their journey's they have much joy, love, laughter, and spirits of service. 

Thanks to Nana & Papa for allowing us to celebrate at their oasis and to everyone for traveled to help us celebrate!  We enjoyed decorating 'Star Wars' cookies (though they didn't look like them once they came out of the oven), swimming, grilling, yummy watermelon salsa, overtaking the force of a Darth Vader pinata (the string pinata was a lemon, so we had to resort to a stick, in order to knock the prizes out of it). I made a Storm Trooper birthday cake, per Ford's request. Some people liked it, other were freaked out by it....LOL :-)  It was a Wonderful sunny day and we look forward to doing it again.... in October.

We would also like to send heartfelt Birthday wishes and prayers to our family: Tiffany, Tamara, Susan, Samantha, Zeke, Ashlee & Mosby - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! July is a very blessed month :-)

Love ~
Our Birthday Boy, 6!

Ford, Running for it

Tiff practicing her dive

Our Big Boy!

Go Austin!

Clay encountering a road block

Hard at work decorating cookies

Eating their creations

Blue icing is popular

Packaging them up for later

I really enjoyed my cookies!

Nannie K

My Turn?

Straight as the Board

Sisters in the Shade



Diggity Dawgs

Great Ma & Aunt Susan rating the dives

Maddie is pulling against the dark one

Haylee tries to knock him out

Austin had the Force with him - Yeah the loot!

PopPop Vader

The StormTrooper arrives to sing Happy Birthday 

Birthday Wishes


Little Vader 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Pies, WAR EAGLE, and Water

It's been a LONG, busy week. I have loved almost every moment of it. It can be trying at times to herd 5 kids around to places or even just in the pool, but overall they are all wonderful well-behaved kids with sweet, servant oriented hearts. We had lots of fun and some not so fun time outs, but what do you expect with 5 kids aged 2 to 7 spending 24/7. I hope Haylee and Austin will want to come visit us again and maybe some of our other cousins too.  It's truly a great feeling to see them all playing well together and helping one another. You know kids are close when they argue like siblings.... the wonderful times conquer overall! Yeah. God is working in their little hearts, it is evidently far beyond what I or any parent can do on their own.

I hope you enjoy sharing a little of the past couple of days with us.  We ended our time all together with making homemade personal pizza pies, even Whit made his own pie.  Once we had them cooked and served, they said, "Hey, this tastes like real cheese pizza."  I'm not sure what they expected?...

We had a fully day with morning exercises and then we were off to Auburn for the day, Yippee!  The kids kept asking the tried and true question, how much further? When they finally saw the signs, they all began to cheer and tell their own stories about landmarks around town. Of course, a visit to AU woudl not be complete without a stop at Toomer's for lemonade - their favorite beverage. After exploring campus for a couple of hours, we headed to Mellow Mushroom for lunch and were so excited that our cousin, (Big) Daniel was able to join us. He kept the Indians tame while we waited for a table, a couple of rounds of Go Fish. You can only imagine the chaos of playing cards with 5 kids, who want 'their' cards to finish each suit.  It was funny to watch :-)

Finally, we were off to meet up with Daniel and Rob to brave the water park for the afternoon. We had a lot of fun. The kids loved giant slides, the wave pool, and the lazy rivers - each one had a different favorite.  I was surprised that all of the kids except Whit braved the slides many times. My hats are off to them, that was a pretty brave feat at their ages! Only one minor boo boo.

Almost everyone was asleep by the time we drove home. Right before bedtime, we had a guest appear on the back patio - Mr. Frog. Ford loved getting to hold him and see him jump away over and over. Rest well..... we will. We love you Cousins, Thanks for coming!

Love ~

Pirate Time

Saucing our pies

Cheese, too!


Toomer's Very Freshly Squeezed Lemonade

Fish pond

Aubie Tracks

Big D and the kids playing a round of go fish at the Shroom


Graham show many times he went the giant water slide!

Who's our Lil Swimmer? Go Whit!

Whit's alligator trying to color

G & Rob

A surprise guest tonight!

Ford is definitely a love of all things!