Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yummy Creations

The other day the boys and I made homemade pizza (which they LOVE), like most kids who could eat it for almost every meal if I'd agree to it! We had lots of fun and they truly enjoyed feasting on their creation. 

I also surprised the boys with DINOSAUR Dogs! My Dad used to make them for us when we were kids, and my sister and I have awesome memories of the dinos (though, I don't actually recall eating them - Who knows? - Dad...) The boys have so much fun with them and think it's really cool, even WT chomps in on the fun!


Brothers sharing


Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring has Arrived...

Spring has arrived... It's usually a bitter sweet "Hello to Spring" for our household. With half of us being serious allergy sufferers, Achoooo....... The past week has been full of sniffles, coughs, and lots of kleenex - and block building of all sorts! GT, WT, & I all received rx's from the doc, long story as to why I haven't posted any news in a week or so. We hope that you're all doing well and enjoying the lush greenness and budding blooms.

Our FAMILY as blocks, according to Ford!

A few highlights of the past 2 weeks included: Cousins Daniel, Amy, Julie, and Aunt Deb stopping through town to romp with the boys and me, as well as PopPop (thanks! for showing the boys to build the book shelves), Papa (thanks! for swamp patrol), and Nana. RT is still studying hard for his exam on Apr. 20th!  On the adoption front, we haven't heard anything new in about 2 wks., but we're still waiting for the Director of the Court to pre-approve us and she has been on special assignment on the mainland the past several weeks. They are uncertain as to when she will return,.... please pray God's hands for her return and reviewing the waiting families files. 

Also, a new book, Crazy Love, by Francis Chan that I've been reading has truly encouraged me to have more of a Christ mind-set and challenged me in many ways- it's hard to put down. I am very thankful for the new women's small group that God has provided for me and the new friends.  


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sushi, Meatballs, & TV Dinner, kinda....

I was able to go to a "Cake Party" at my friend Kim's house. It was a wonderful, laughter filled time of girl fellowship, encouragement and cake fun! Kim invited everyone to learn how to make 'sushi' cake, but she had also made 'spaghetti & meatballs' cake and 'family TV dinner' cake, which she told us how to make. I love to bake and make "out of the ordinary" cakes, so it was an awesome time to share with women on different journeys in their lives and learn some creative tricks of the trade. Maybe this will inspire you as much as it did me. It's been great to think of things other than our adoption timeline and RT's boards (Apr. 20) which are quickly approaching. Thank you all for your continued prayers for both.

Blessings to each of you~
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Cousins & Spuds

We had an extremely fun weekend, even though RT was working. My best friend for 22 yrs., Aunt Alicia, and her two boys, Ike and Zeke, came to visit us for the weekend. It was cut a little short from sickness, but the time we had together was priceless. The boys all know each other as cousins because we're as close as any family. With 5 boys all under five, you can imagine the energy and testosterone in the air. We had such a great time just watching them play together, but a truly meaningful memory is of our community service project with KidServe of FUMC. We took the 3 oldest boys to help sort and bag 40,000 lbs. of potatoes at a boys and girls club across town. It was such a blessing to our hearts to be able to help others, to teach our boys about serving, and to even meet 3 youth boys from the neighborhood. After a lot of bagging, stuffing tracts, and toting spuds for a few hrs. We headed home and got to visit with another cousin, Clay, Aunt Reagan, NT, AND PT for a while. To top it off we ended with a fun trip to the park, where the boys got to 'go wild'! Thanks so much to our family for coming to visit, we loved it!

~ Ginny

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


It's been a long day, kindergarten, gymnastics, tax time prep, meals, and so on... (Thanks to PT, for his help!).  We just received a couple of wonderful surprises from our sweet cousins in CA! 
The boys were thrilled to open their happy's     and RT and I were as well (Yum). 

All I can say is THANK YOU, Tom, Tre, & Kylie, We love you and can't wa
it to see you at the beach! Even WT, was in on the action and trying to keep up with his pal, Mr. Balloon, in tow.  You may not can tell from here, but we think they really love playing pirates...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Day!

Wow, what an awesome family day. We were so excited to awake to snow everywhere and it was still pouring down... FT could hardly wait to build his first snowman, except it wasn't. We had made several when we lived in TN, he evidently had no memory of it. How sad. We had lots of fun building our snowmen (2) and having snowball fights! All of our fingers were frozen. RT made a wonderful warm breakfast and lunch, to warm us up. The snow eventually stopped late in the afternoon and all melted pretty quickly. We had a fun dinner at a Japanese steakhouse with NT and PT. WT ate more food than the other two combined... he's a chow hound. RT and I had a great time recalling the day and the awesome family memories that we made - Thank you God for the snow and that RT didn't have to work! Please pray for us, we expect to hear something this week about whether or not we're approved by the court. Thanks.