Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cousins & Spuds

We had an extremely fun weekend, even though RT was working. My best friend for 22 yrs., Aunt Alicia, and her two boys, Ike and Zeke, came to visit us for the weekend. It was cut a little short from sickness, but the time we had together was priceless. The boys all know each other as cousins because we're as close as any family. With 5 boys all under five, you can imagine the energy and testosterone in the air. We had such a great time just watching them play together, but a truly meaningful memory is of our community service project with KidServe of FUMC. We took the 3 oldest boys to help sort and bag 40,000 lbs. of potatoes at a boys and girls club across town. It was such a blessing to our hearts to be able to help others, to teach our boys about serving, and to even meet 3 youth boys from the neighborhood. After a lot of bagging, stuffing tracts, and toting spuds for a few hrs. We headed home and got to visit with another cousin, Clay, Aunt Reagan, NT, AND PT for a while. To top it off we ended with a fun trip to the park, where the boys got to 'go wild'! Thanks so much to our family for coming to visit, we loved it!

~ Ginny

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