Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wave, Jump, Lemonade Please

Today was a good day. It was great to wake up and for Rob to be home with us on a Saturday morning. We ate and got going to host our Make A Stand lemonade stand. Make A Stand is the summer fundraising campaign for The Cure Starts, raising the much needed funding for pediatric cancer research. We had a last minute change of location (which had been planned all week), but the new location worked out fine. The boys were so excited to sell lemonade to help doctors find a medicine for kids with cancer! They waved, jumped, cheered, and served lemonade and flyers. We had many supporters and many people who waved us their support. Special Thanks to cousin Amy, Nana T, and Papa T for their helping hands. We raised almost $100 dollars at our street stand from selling lemonade and t-shirts. The boys did a pretty fantastic job coloring our signs and serving our patrons. :-) They are already asking when we can sell more lemonade. We are planning to Make A Stand and sell lots of lemonade when we go to the beach in June and a few more times over the summer around town. If you'd like to join us let me know or Make A Stand of your own by registering at They will send you a neat kit to get started. :-) Enjoy the weekend. 


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pirate Night!

Tonight the boys got into their costumes. First, their masks... we had batmen, tigers, and pirates. Then the boys just had to get into their full pirate outfits, ARRRGH! (Thanks again Tom & Tre). 


Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Adoption Wait

We spoke with our social worker a several times this week. It's been a difficult journey, aside from the usual waits because we've really felt like our journey has been lengthened due to procrastination on the part of our agency. We haven't been sure what to make of it all, but we would appreciate your continued prayers about the process, our agency, and for us and Nara Josette, while we all wait for her to come home. 

As of this week, our file is still in AL awaiting final approval by the state DHR and then will be sent to immigration for approvals/authentications. Once our file is all set, it will be submitted as our dossier to China. At the same time, our file is also finalized enough that we are eligible to be matched. Each month the files of eligible children are sent to shared agencies in hopes of matching them with their new families. Our file is now being considered as each child's file is reviewed. (The files for this month are expected this week!) This process could last a week or months.... Please pray that God will lead our file to be matched, to the daughter that God has purposed for our family in His perfect time. 

If we're matched by September, then we would most likely be able to travel to China in December or January to bring Nara Josette home. :-)))


Today, the boys were full of energy! It's been a full week with all of them out of preschool for the summer. We've had some fun, but some challenges with them not used to being home most of the time. Graham went to bed very early after a huge mishap with a bottle of o.j. Ford, Whit, and I got some energy out by rolling around and playing 'Wipe Out'. Also, Whit just learned how to say, "Cheese", thanks to his big brother, Ford, A.K.A. "The Ham".  I Love my Boys, we are so blessed to be their parents. Sometimes it's difficult to remember in the midst of 'life lessons'. I was really convicted of it today. Our pastor, Mr. Mac, really brought my own sinful heart to the center of my eye by reminding us to choose to live God's word each day, Psalm 57. Thank you God for using Pastor Mac's message today to reach me.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Lemonade Stand

I'd would like to invite each of you to be touched, encouraged, and to support a very important cause. Meet our dear friends, Elizabeth and Pat Adams, this is a glimpse of their story (below) and The Cure Starts Now! The Make a Stand (lemonade) campaign began this week and will run through the summer. Elizabeth, Pat, Cole, and Emme Adams, MAKE A STAND raised over $500 in one day - WOW! 

We encourage YOU to MAKE A STAND and pray for this campaign, as well as the many families going through such an unfathomable challenge - a child with cancer!  It is such a great way to help teach our kids about giving to others, living out loud God's love.  It is unbelievable the lack of funding (very minimal) that goes to pediatric cancer research... 
Please tell your friends! We're looking forward to Making our Own Stand very soon!
Ginny and the Guys

(This is a local radio PSA being broadcast in AL)

To learn your child has a brain tumor is terrible.  To hear there is no real medicine available is devastating.  Not being able to give your child the medicine she needs is a helpless feeling no parent should have to face.  I am Elizabeth Adams, and unfortunately my family and I know this helpless feeling firsthand.  Our daughter, Madeline, lost her fight to brain cancer in 2007.  The Cure Starts Now is a foundation committed to funding pediatric brain cancer research.  Join my family and The Cure Starts Now in their statewide campaign to fund the cure. Make A Stand, Put the Squeeze on Brain Cancer. During June and July, you and your neighbors can host a lemonade stand with the proceeds going directly to brain cancer research.  When you register your lemonade stand you will receive a kit with a whole lot of fun inside, and the winning stand will be given an ice-cream party! Together we can have fun, and give these children the medicines they need.  For more information on Make A Stand, visit  

Make a Stand

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pancakes for Missions

This morning the boys (Ford, Graham, & Whit) and I ran in the Pancake Run for Missions at FUMC. We had such a Blast! They had a huge turnout to raise money for two missions trips this summer. (RT unfortunately was working) I ran in the 5K, with my P.B. in a while of 23:56 and the boys did the Tot Trot. The boys were so excited to join the young and 'old' who participated for a great cause and even receive 'winner' ribbons. After the events, everyone enjoyed plenty of pancakes and sausage (the boys all LOVE pancakes!) I was pretty encouraged to run along with a group of Air Force guys and finish a few seconds behind them - Whoo Hoo - Go Moms!)  Have a fun weekend and go out and RUN!  :-) 


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Thursday, May 7, 2009


We are so very elated, giddy, in awe... We received the results today from RT's ABA exams. He is now officially Board Certified! Unless you have been through similar processes with or without three little ones, you may not understand what a Relief this is for our whole family. It has been a long, long road to this point for RT professionally and for our family. Thank you sweet husband, for the endearing note you wrote to me. I am so thankful for this milestone for our family. Once again we will have family time, fun time, no more solo parenting. An enormous Thank You to all of our friends and family for your prayers, encouragement, and friendship, it has meant a lot to us during trying times. We look forward to new journeys and God's continued guidance over our family and in our hearts to draw us to Him daily.

Sincere Love~