Sunday, May 24, 2009


Today, the boys were full of energy! It's been a full week with all of them out of preschool for the summer. We've had some fun, but some challenges with them not used to being home most of the time. Graham went to bed very early after a huge mishap with a bottle of o.j. Ford, Whit, and I got some energy out by rolling around and playing 'Wipe Out'. Also, Whit just learned how to say, "Cheese", thanks to his big brother, Ford, A.K.A. "The Ham".  I Love my Boys, we are so blessed to be their parents. Sometimes it's difficult to remember in the midst of 'life lessons'. I was really convicted of it today. Our pastor, Mr. Mac, really brought my own sinful heart to the center of my eye by reminding us to choose to live God's word each day, Psalm 57. Thank you God for using Pastor Mac's message today to reach me.

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