Monday, May 18, 2009


Lemonade Stand

I'd would like to invite each of you to be touched, encouraged, and to support a very important cause. Meet our dear friends, Elizabeth and Pat Adams, this is a glimpse of their story (below) and The Cure Starts Now! The Make a Stand (lemonade) campaign began this week and will run through the summer. Elizabeth, Pat, Cole, and Emme Adams, MAKE A STAND raised over $500 in one day - WOW! 

We encourage YOU to MAKE A STAND and pray for this campaign, as well as the many families going through such an unfathomable challenge - a child with cancer!  It is such a great way to help teach our kids about giving to others, living out loud God's love.  It is unbelievable the lack of funding (very minimal) that goes to pediatric cancer research... 
Please tell your friends! We're looking forward to Making our Own Stand very soon!
Ginny and the Guys

(This is a local radio PSA being broadcast in AL)

To learn your child has a brain tumor is terrible.  To hear there is no real medicine available is devastating.  Not being able to give your child the medicine she needs is a helpless feeling no parent should have to face.  I am Elizabeth Adams, and unfortunately my family and I know this helpless feeling firsthand.  Our daughter, Madeline, lost her fight to brain cancer in 2007.  The Cure Starts Now is a foundation committed to funding pediatric brain cancer research.  Join my family and The Cure Starts Now in their statewide campaign to fund the cure. Make A Stand, Put the Squeeze on Brain Cancer. During June and July, you and your neighbors can host a lemonade stand with the proceeds going directly to brain cancer research.  When you register your lemonade stand you will receive a kit with a whole lot of fun inside, and the winning stand will be given an ice-cream party! Together we can have fun, and give these children the medicines they need.  For more information on Make A Stand, visit  

Make a Stand

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