Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lil Cowboys

I Love My Guys!

Final Leg of our Journey to our Daughter

Yeah! We're finally on our way home to the United States! We cannot wait to see our family and friends. Thank you all for your prayers above all else, your encouragement, and the love you have shown to us along this winding road. It's truly been a surprise around each bend and it's been a lot longer than we had planned for it to take. But... as we have lived this journey, it continues to become more evident each day that God's time is always the perfect time, even when we cannot fully trust that in the midst of time. We have always had a peace about God's provision for our family. At times it is hard to see, but God always provides us insight to reflect upon Him and hear His spirit, though at times it seems a faint whisper.

We are excited for our family to begin this new journey as a family of six and how it will mold each of us. I pray God will give us the wisdom to continue to grow their hearts and minds toward Him as God guides and lives within our hearts. Sometimes it's hard, but we have to realize, were not perfect people or parents. We all goof up regularly, realize we could do things better, I truly pray and hope we are showing enough grace to our kids, as God shows more than generously to me and R.

it's been such an interesting trip to China. In the midst of all the adoption, I know it has been a time of calm in my heart and mind to examine my thoughts, my heart, give much thanks for the enormous blessings that abound in our family's  lives. Four amazing, unique children. I love my Husband so much, he is my soul mate, Thank you babe. I love each of our wild, amazing, fun, energetic, inquisitive sons and daughter.

Sorry Dad, that I haven't been more talkative this trip, it's been a time of intraspection, In China! 

Thank you, Dad, Papa, Nana, & Nannie for all of your assistance with this trip, we could not have done it without your help! We are thankful for each of our parents and family.

We are looking forward to each of you meeting Nara Josette and getting to know her in the coming weeks.

We leave Disneyland HK in the morning and fly home. We love the USA! China has been a great experience, we have met many kind people and Nara Josette's native land is beautiful, but nothing compares to HOME.

Much Love, Gratitude, and Thanks to you all.
See you soon,

Ginny & Family

 bāai baai from China! 

Top Twenty List - China

You may be in China if...

Top Twenty list:

Daily you see an armored money exchange trucks with guards, helmets, and running with Ak - 47 's

Congee is on the buffet

Hot green tea is served with every meal and you have seen it being harvested

Steam (ed) buns come with meat inside of them

Exchange US dollars for Yuan/RMB, and do quick math conversion in your head

Live native, seafood is displayed, cooked and served to you  - immediately

Chopsticks are provided, forks are by special request, napkins, too at most places

A hole in the floor, is to "Go Potty"

You say Ni Hao as you arrive somewhere or meet people

You receive a red envelope with money inside, for New Year's

Visit the largest gold Buddha in the world, HK

Eat breakfast  with Mickey Mouse and see Tinkerbell at Disneyland HK

Ride a tram to view the sea from 4000m above sea level, at Victoria Peak

Take the ferry to Kowloon Island

Have to get an interpreter at the supermarket - yes, we did.

Requires 19 digits to make a telephone call to the USA

Your fruit is confiscated from your bag at customs

Have lunch overlooking the South China Sea

Costs 5 HK dollars to mail an international postcard

Diet Coke/Coca Cola Light costs more than a handmade porcelain necklace

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Have Passport. Will Travel.

Yesterday afternoon, we went to the U.S. Consulate for Nara Josette's Swearing In Ceremony. It was for her to immigrate to the U.S.A. Yeah! Here are a couple of more photos. It was great to have so many people from our adoption agency there to witness her swearing in, another kiss from God! Our visit to China has been a blessing in many ways and you cannot leave here without it impacting your heart. It's a good time for self-examination and reflection of my own heart...

Today we went to the Guangzhou Zoo, it was filled with different species of bears, tigers, lions, monkeys, yaks, oxen, swans, elephants, and of course, a giant panda.

We leave tomorrow from GZ. We'll take the train to Hong Kong and fly the next day to the US. We're so excited and can hardly wait to return home to Rob, the Boys, and all of our wonderful family and friends who have been praying so diligently for us.  Thank you all so much. 

Nara Josette slept well last night, she roused about 3 times, but never had a nightmare. Thank you for praying for her to sleep well. We also gave her a children's multi-vitamin and I think it helped too, it has B12 and B1 in it. (We bought a whole bottle of those.) Please continue to pray for us as we travel home on a long 20 hour journey to the US and she meets the rest of our family for the first time, as well as the coming weeks of transition.

Much Love,
Thankfully ~
Ginny & Family

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Already Talking on the Phone

Nara Josette on Pearl River Cruise


Pearl River Cruise & WAR EAGLE!

Last night we went for a dinner cruise on the Pearl River. It was beautiful. The Pearl River is the third longest river through China, in Guangzhou it separates two islands, and the buildings and bridges are colorfully lit up at night. The food was good and there was brief entertainment with a clown juggler. The highlight was the views from the boat.

Today we had a fun surprise at breakfast. We met several of our adoption agency's representatives from around the U.S., as well as spoke with the head of our adoption agency. They are here in GZ, to meet with CCAA to request more files for older children who need to be adopted. There are so many older children who need homes before they age out of the system here, at age 14. I know, it's such a young age to encounter the world on your own. Please pray for the children around the world, who encounter this huge challenge each day.

We are very excited to be able to as they meet with the CCAA today and they will also be at our Swearing In ceremony at the U.S. Consulate this afternoon, a very special occasion for us. Nara Josette's passport will be processed for U.S. immigration and she'll be set to come home with us to the U.S.  

An extra cool surprise at breakfast, of course, second place after having her favorite corn congee today. One of the people here with our agency director and representatives, promoting adoption with our agency is, Jonna Chizik (Coach Chizik's wife). WAR EAGLE. Of course, we loved meeting everyone, but she holds a special place in our heart since we are a huge Auburn Tiger family! I told her Nara Josette has a 2011 BCS Championship shirt, we laughed. She is also involved heavily with , it's a non-profit organization that helps children have hope and help while they deal with cancer. They are having a benefit event next month, with the Children's Cancer Clinic at UAB/Children's hospital. I told her that is where on Sister works, WOW, what a neat conversation we had and one more little kiss from God to encounter a strong hearted WAR EAGLE here in Guanagzhou, all the way around the world.

We 're getting ready for our Consulate today. Only a couple more days in GZ.

Love ~
Ginny & Family

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Hi Friends and Family,
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Botanical Gardens, GZ

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The Botanical Gardens are a wonder to see. The gardeners take such care in each rose, tree, and planting. There is a greenhouse with plants and trees from around the world, I thought the most beautiful were the several varieties of orchids. The roses are the size of grapefruits and the pansies, the size of oranges! Guangzhou is in the tropical climate region, but it has been cold here this week.

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GLIMPSE of our Day, GZ

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Today has been a more restful day. This morning we went to the Botanical Gardens and are resting in our room. Tonight we are going on a dinner cruise, with our agency coordinators. Hope you have a blessed day of worship. Please continue to pray, Nara Josette is waking up several times a night with nightmares.
Thank you, Ginny & Family

We are looking forward coming home in a few days!

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Long Journey to be Found!

Today, Long. Thankful, amazing, humbling, sad, happy, BUMPY, gracious. Lots of thoughts run through my mind. SO excited that we were able to find her and Hope's (our friend, the McCracken's daughter) finding spots. It was a miracle!! God is providing such grace every day, it is because of prayer! We know it.

Today after we finished touring and meeting the Nannies, seeing NJ's bed, and room full of friends at the orphanage, the Head President of the Maonan District, Maoming City SWI, Director Wang, told the orphanage driver and the VIce Director to go with us to locate the finding spots. Both of them were in very remote areas, about 12 minutes apart.

Director Ping graciously took us all to lunch before going to the finding spots. It was a nice restaurant. We had our own dining room. It was a large round table with a giant lazy susa. They kept bringing food, the entire table was full of food. They were so understanding and ordered several vegetarian dishes. The dessert steam buns were very interesting.... some local fruit, a small piece of spongey cake, enclosed in what looked like a giant marshmallow bubble. It kind of tasted like coconut.

The Vice Director had to stop and go up to a very, very small little open market on the side of the dirt road. The young man was very gracious. He went and got his younger brother (14) to go with us and take us there. He got in the van next to me, he was gracious and glad to help us. He is a student at the village Primary School, but today was a school holiday and he was out of school. He normally would not be there. NJ was found at the gate to the Primary School. A miracle! The school is truly further down road a few turns, in the middle of No Where. Thank you Lord. It was a nice serene place, with a small pond across the street and a chicken farm a little further down the down. The whole area is very rural and a farming area. We saw farms everywhere, from Guangzhou to this rural area on the outskirts of Maoming. They farm mainly lettuces/cabbages, corn, sugar cane, bananas, coconut, oxen, cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, lychee fruit, oranges, melons, and rice everywhere.

Nara Josette is still doing wonderful. Today was a stressful, long day for her. She did great. She started to tense up a little about a block from the orphanage, I'm not sure if she recognized the area, the sounds, or smell.

When we got out of the van, more tense, she did ok, but buried her head into my chest inside the orphanage. When we finally went upstairs to see her Nannies, friends, and room, she freaked out. I'm not sure what she felt, but it was scary for her. She may have thought we were going to leave her there.... I wore her inside the Boba carrier, it seemed to help her relax the day before. I can't imagine how she would have done outside of the Boba.

We took lots of video and photos until both camera batteries died.

Going to bed. We got up at 5:30am, left at 8am, returned at 8:45pm. Whew. LONG, emotional day. Maoming to straight south almost about 2 hours from the tip of Guangdong.

It really reminded me and Dad of each of our journeys. How amazing it is that we are all found, by our loving, gracious God. Though we all come from different places, look different, and have different daily paths, we are all found by Him and He knows where we are going to be found, now and in the end....

Love ~
Ginny & Family
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