Wednesday, February 24, 2010



We received a new update of pictures of our daughter Nara Josette. A friend noticed that the sweet friend (Liza) in the picture, was the most certainly the same little girl from a recent Child Waiting List that we had received about children needing forever families.
Please pray for Liza and their friends. If you or someone you know feel led to pray for or possibly be her forever family,
If you are interested in reviewing a file, please call Amy Dummier at

 Lifeline Children's Services, 205-967-0811 or email: 


Age 3
Liza is fairly introverted, timid and quiet. She is fond of playing with toys, listening to music, and is quick in reaction. She is a energetic, smart and cute girl.
- August 2008

Here are some pictures taken of her this week at the X. S., SWI. It was her birthday celebration. Please Contact Amy or me if you would like more information about Liza.

Thanks, many prayers and blessings for the many orphans within our own country and around the world.

Love ~

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chinese New Year

We celebrated 2010 Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger) with many family and a few friends. Thank you, Family, each of you for your continual encouragement, prayers, and lively spirits. We had a wonderful time at the celebration with you and only wish that we could have spent more time with you. This year the festival was full of people, Chinese food, acrobats, musicians, performers, games and crafts, and plenty for everyone. The kids especially enjoyed trying their hand at the Chinese yo-yo, getting balloons swords from a lively mate, and encounters with the tigers/dragons.  

CNY lasts through this Saturday, so everything in China is still mostly closed. The CCAA and U.S. Embassy should re-open next week, so we are hoping for an update about our TA. We have been praying for Nara Josette and her caregivers, as well as our contacts in China. We are praying for several families we know, who have recently returned from China with their daughters and for some families who should travel soon. We were able to send Nara Josette, her friends, and caregivers a CNY package and we very excited to learn that they received it just two days before everything closed for the holiday! How reassuring for us to know that she continues to receive things we send her and she knows about us; understanding as much as she can that there is a family loving her and excited to be able to come bring her home soon. 

Some people worry that our kids and the kids of other families that we know will be negatively impacted by a new/another sibling, especially with any kind of special needs. Our boys already love her as if she is here and feel that she is a part of our family. I know other friend's kids have felt the same way. Just like when any new sibling joins a family, it's new, but it's also such an amazing process to see our kids living God's love. Kids are so much more giving and less conditional than we'll ever be as adults. Many times, I wish we could all not just want, "what is easy, not disruptive, to breeze through life". It's not the reason we were created and put here, is it.... We're here to serve Him and to spread His love, however that looks for each person..... we all have a purpose in this world, it's up to us to find it or more than one and live it. I'm preaching to myself, too. It's been heavy on my heart lately and I hope that I am fulfilling a purpose in God's plan, if nothing else than raising children who love and honor God. Sorry to ramble on, we've had a lot going on lately. Thanks for your continual prayers.

Love ~

Snow Fun!

We had snow about a week ago and I've been behind on my posting. We had a lot of fun, some really frozen fingers, and lots of games! The boys loved throwing snowballs; we all threw our fair share. There's a forecast for more snow this week, but it's hard to believe when it was 68 degrees just three days ago. Nothing's impossible...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Today is a very encouraging, uplifting day, not only because it's Sunday - the Sabbath, but it's the holiday to celebrate Love. I'm very blessed with my 3 wonderful, lively sons, 1 beautiful daughter, and my Soul Mate. I love you, Babe.

My prayer is for God to help me each day, to show unconditional love to my family and other people, it doesn't come easy to me sometimes.... I wish it did - I'm Praying for Grace.

Here are some fun pics of the guys, our yummy cupcakes, and the big boys V'Day parties.
Love ~ 

(Ford's shot of me.)


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yum, Yum Birthday Cake!

A few more pics of W's 2nd B'day Party! Thanks a lot, Jim.