Thursday, February 11, 2010

W's 2nd Mouseketeer B'day

Our Baby Boy is Two, I can hardly believe it. Time with him has flown by so fast. It makes me sad to think we won't celebrate another 2nd B'day in our family. :-(  On the other hand, we have so much to be thankful for, we love our boys so much. We can hardly imagine how it's going to be with another girl around here.

After much to do about the location and time of the celebration. We were very fortunate to have it at Great Ma's. Thank you again, Ma, for opening your home for the celebration!  We had a fantastic time, it's so much fun just watching the kids all play together. We had some of those bendable balloons and a pump - the best entertainment ever.  Until.... all of the balloons were gone, oops. The Special Delivery Mickey was really cool and everyone wore their ears!

Thank you to all of the family and for loving on W and our family, so well. Here are a few pics of the 2 yr. old celebration.  We love you, Whit! You are a joy each day in our lives, we pray  that you'll always hold tight to that love, only the Holy Spirit can provide from within.

Love ~ Ginny

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