Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Adoption Tax Credit and the HCR Bill

Good news for adoptive families from the health care bill signed into law. The adoption tax credit has been extended until the end of 2011 and increased from $12,170 to $13,170 for adoptions occurring after January 1, 2010 (it’s retroactive). The credit is also now refundable.

You can read the bills text on page 903 of 906 here.
“Taxpayers who adopt children:  Effective in 2010, the bill makes the adoption credit refundable, increases the credit by $1,000 and extends the increased adoption credit through 2011."

I'm still not 'for' the HCR Bill, but at least it does not take away the tax credit that has been in place for several years.       Now, let's pray and hope that people still can and want to adopt, when so many are without jobs, being forced to purchase healthcare, and provide it for anyone and everyone, as well as losing their homes...

We found out today that our taxes will increase quite a few percentage in the next two-three years and then after that our new tax percentage will increase between 10 - 15 percent to pay for the HRC. Sorry to all those who support the HRC, but we don't want to pay for everyone else's healthcare (the country's). Do we really live in a democracy...

Love ~


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh Boy, what does the future hold

What fun we have. Boys always keep you on our toes, sometimes it's a lot of fun and sometimes, it's "Uh Oh". I love each of them so much and they are very unique in their looks, personalities, and talents. We have really been enjoying laughing a lot lately, with their very humorous laid back adventures. It's especially exciting to see Whit becoming such a lively boy. He truly loves his brothers so much and tries to do his best to keep up with them, while holding his own ground.  Oh, he's not to be outdone, left out, or bossed around. He will definitely tell you everything that's on his sweet little heart. It really says a lot when the first one to 'be ready' to pray before our meals and to begin the prayer, is the youngest at the table. God has blessed us so immensely, by simply allowing us to shepherd them through this life. It's hard to imagine being blessed even more once Nara Josette arrives. 

Trying to keep the basics of life in perspective has been trying with the healthcare reform crisis in our country. With the final bill having been signed today, it's difficult to put into words the feelings we have right now.  The only solid, proven thing we have at all is GOD, His grace, His love, our Faith in Him. All else is unknown to us and He is all we can look to for our guidance. No one can predict the exact path our country and lives will take from here, but we can control how we react, how we live and practice our faith, despite our fallen world around us.

Thank you to everyone who emailed and made calls, your voice does matter. Please continue pray for our leaders, our country, and all of us who make up our land, we need it.

Enjoy, Love ~
Love them -
Uh Oh, Caught  with cookies!

Heee, it's me

Recent Adventure to the OR


Aspiring Chefs

Playing at his fellow Jedi's

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Has Arrived and So Has Article 5!

SO... the wait is on. We're very excited, but still have no idea when we'll be leaving. Now we're waiting for our Travel Approval to tell us the date we have an appointment scheduled at the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou.  (The TA normally takes about 1-4 wks. to arrive after Article 5) From that date, we'll back up our departure date by 11 days, and that will give us the date that we'll leave for Beijing. Please keep praying, still lots going on. Many Thanks! Enjoy this wonderful Springtime weather. We had a wonderful time at the zoo today, but it was literally a zoo with people out of school and on vacation! All of the animals were out and about and the new playground is terrific. :')

Love ~

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

Happy Birthday Grandaddy!

Today most people think about wearing green, imaginary little leprechauns, four leaf clovers, rainbows, etc. But... I think about my Grandaddy Henry, today would have been his 91st birthday. 

He had quite an interesting and hard life, especially being a twin (brother, Harry). Like most of our grandparents who grew up during the war and the depression.  I only heard of his past, but the man I knew was very loving, humorous, hard working, and practical.  He always made me feel like I was special and a bright sunshine in his life, always encouraged me to be all that I could in this short life.  I love and miss you, I look forward to seeing you again one day, along with my three other dear Grandparents.  You made a lasting impact on me and many others, you left a legacy.  I sometimes ponder, "What legacy will my life leave? Will it be a sacrifice, a testimony to my beliefs?".... for His glory.

Love ~

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blessings for our Daughter

Some of our sweet friends gave us a Blessing Shower for Nara Josette. We have been tremendously blessed by the love, encouragement, and many prayers from our family and friends. A very special Thank You to the hostesses and friends who joined us in celebration of Dou Dou's (her Chinese nickname means little bean) upcoming arrival! Each person wrote a special prayer blessing note to Nara Josette, that they had been praying for her or for her to weave into her heart as she grows up. 

It's difficult to believe that our daughter will be home very soon. We have been on this journey for so long, that we won't truly believe it until we hold her in our arms and feel her precious heart beat. The boys are getting very excited, but are a little uncertain about what she will be like and how big she is?... 

Please continue to pray for our family, 
- that Nara Josette's heart is preparing for us and all of our heart's for her
- her health will be excellent and her SN evaluation, so that the best care plan 
- the transition will go well with her attaching to us, the grief process will be comforted by the Holy Spirit in her heart, her caregivers and friends, and our hearts
-  we will adjust with jet lag going and coming home
- for us to continue to look to God for guidance and listen in the silence, especially after our placement on our ongoing adoption journey and parenthood
- the boys sense of security in God's love and our love for them, during our post placement transition
- our home/moving transition for all of us

Many Thanks to our family, old friends, and many new friends that we have met throughout our adoption journey.
Love ~
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Caked out

Last week I made a cake for my dear sister. (she was hosting a bridal shower) It was a mack daddy of a cake to make, and pretty hefty to carry/transport. Six layers of double chocolate and butter almond with 8 pounds of fondant, whew. Best wishes for the happy couple on their upcoming marriage!

With all that we've had going on with the house for sale/showings, looking for a home, upcoming move, adoption, traveling very soon, and of course the boys and my wonderful hubby.  I've decided to take a cake break for a little while, at least until after Nara Josette gets home and settled in. That said, I'm looking forward to making a squeeler of a cake for a cute lil piggy in a few months.

Love ~

Monday, March 15, 2010

Yee Haw

For the past couple of weeks, Ford's class was studying cowboys. Yippee! He was completely encompassed in the world of the wild west. Every single day, he requested to only wear 'real cowboy' clothes and Graham & Whit even joined in with the cowpoke. Finally, it was Rodeo Day and everyone was invited to watch the cowboys play their banjos, dance the doe si doe, and enjoy the roundup. We were so proud of our boys! Being on this amazing journey of parenthood is such a growing process and truly points us back to God daily. There is no other way to explain how children become who they are meant to be, without God's provision and loving Spirit from within. 

Giddy up and Chow down, Cowpokes

Love ~


It was a beautiful winter day with spring around the corner. So, we decided to go hiking at CSP and enjoy some of God's creation. We all love the outdoors and being active, it was wonderful to not have an agenda so that we could enjoy time together. We even got to visit one of the boys favorite places and enjoy the best fresh squeezed lemonade.