Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh Boy, what does the future hold

What fun we have. Boys always keep you on our toes, sometimes it's a lot of fun and sometimes, it's "Uh Oh". I love each of them so much and they are very unique in their looks, personalities, and talents. We have really been enjoying laughing a lot lately, with their very humorous laid back adventures. It's especially exciting to see Whit becoming such a lively boy. He truly loves his brothers so much and tries to do his best to keep up with them, while holding his own ground.  Oh, he's not to be outdone, left out, or bossed around. He will definitely tell you everything that's on his sweet little heart. It really says a lot when the first one to 'be ready' to pray before our meals and to begin the prayer, is the youngest at the table. God has blessed us so immensely, by simply allowing us to shepherd them through this life. It's hard to imagine being blessed even more once Nara Josette arrives. 

Trying to keep the basics of life in perspective has been trying with the healthcare reform crisis in our country. With the final bill having been signed today, it's difficult to put into words the feelings we have right now.  The only solid, proven thing we have at all is GOD, His grace, His love, our Faith in Him. All else is unknown to us and He is all we can look to for our guidance. No one can predict the exact path our country and lives will take from here, but we can control how we react, how we live and practice our faith, despite our fallen world around us.

Thank you to everyone who emailed and made calls, your voice does matter. Please continue pray for our leaders, our country, and all of us who make up our land, we need it.

Enjoy, Love ~
Love them -
Uh Oh, Caught  with cookies!

Heee, it's me

Recent Adventure to the OR


Aspiring Chefs

Playing at his fellow Jedi's

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