Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Final Leg of our Journey to our Daughter

Yeah! We're finally on our way home to the United States! We cannot wait to see our family and friends. Thank you all for your prayers above all else, your encouragement, and the love you have shown to us along this winding road. It's truly been a surprise around each bend and it's been a lot longer than we had planned for it to take. But... as we have lived this journey, it continues to become more evident each day that God's time is always the perfect time, even when we cannot fully trust that in the midst of time. We have always had a peace about God's provision for our family. At times it is hard to see, but God always provides us insight to reflect upon Him and hear His spirit, though at times it seems a faint whisper.

We are excited for our family to begin this new journey as a family of six and how it will mold each of us. I pray God will give us the wisdom to continue to grow their hearts and minds toward Him as God guides and lives within our hearts. Sometimes it's hard, but we have to realize, were not perfect people or parents. We all goof up regularly, realize we could do things better, I truly pray and hope we are showing enough grace to our kids, as God shows more than generously to me and R.

it's been such an interesting trip to China. In the midst of all the adoption, I know it has been a time of calm in my heart and mind to examine my thoughts, my heart, give much thanks for the enormous blessings that abound in our family's  lives. Four amazing, unique children. I love my Husband so much, he is my soul mate, Thank you babe. I love each of our wild, amazing, fun, energetic, inquisitive sons and daughter.

Sorry Dad, that I haven't been more talkative this trip, it's been a time of intraspection, In China! 

Thank you, Dad, Papa, Nana, & Nannie for all of your assistance with this trip, we could not have done it without your help! We are thankful for each of our parents and family.

We are looking forward to each of you meeting Nara Josette and getting to know her in the coming weeks.

We leave Disneyland HK in the morning and fly home. We love the USA! China has been a great experience, we have met many kind people and Nara Josette's native land is beautiful, but nothing compares to HOME.

Much Love, Gratitude, and Thanks to you all.
See you soon,

Ginny & Family

 bāai baai from China! 

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