Thursday, January 20, 2011

Update on our litte GIRL

Thank you for all your prayers!! Nara Josette is doing great - bonding very well and sleeping pretty good, too. It's only Day 3 1/2, it is Amazing how much she has blossomed in such a short time. She had her hand on her hip tonight after bath time and wondered around the room checking everything out. :-)

We have a very long 12 hour day south, tomorrow to her orphanage in Maoming (city). Please pray for the travel and her heart as we visit the orphanage. Many wonderful gifts from God each day, but one particular is that the Director of her SWI/orphanage offered to gather her journal from the Half the Sky day school program that she has been attending. This means that the 'Grandmother' documents her daily acitivities and take pictures of her to note her progression. Amazing, what a great gift it will be to provide her with details of her life and heritage before she came home to us. I am truly thankful for all the care she and we have been given from our Adoption Coordinator, Rebecca, and Director Ping from her SWI.

Yesterday we went to have her physical examination and tests done for her immigration, as well as photo and notarization for her passport to be created. The most surprising thing about yesterday was that she screamed and cried big tears at the examination weigh in and examination of her feet and legs, but..... when they sat her down to receive her TB test shot, she sat completely still staring at a long needle and didn't flinch! She didn't cry, nothing. So we concluded, she likes shots, but no touching her feet. Another huge blessing, the CCAA gave us a complete notarized immunization record and she has even had the flu shot. Yeah! If they did not have her complete record, then she would have been required to receive all immunizations up to her current age. Thank You Lord!

Today we went to the Chen Family Academy and the Chen International Wholesale Tea House. We stayed at the tea house about half the day. Tea houses are wonderful, if you go to a good local one. They serve you each kind of tea and let you taste each pouring (usually 3 to 4 per pot - each is stronger), this helps you to determine which teas you like best. They are All very good, fresh! We saw farmers picking tea leaves as we rode on the train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou. It is unbelievable how fresh everything is here. They don't use preservatives like in the US, only other things sometimes :-) We found the coolest calligraphy pen ever, you'll have to come over to see it!

Tonight we tried an Irish Pub and last night a Chinese restaurant, Bellagio. All of the restaurants are very accommodating to children. Bellagio even brought us a special plastic plate, bowl, and spoon for Nara Josette.

Nara Josette's favorite daily food so far is banana. She does NOT like rice, noodles, or hard food. Ironic, my Chinese baby does no like rice or noodles, but likes shots... she'll fit right in with the boys. She loves to say, Goodbye and wave. She is potty training which is a big surprise and huge blessing. She is doing great! I hope she keeps it up. She likes putting her hair bows in each morning and brushing her hair with my brush,... and she loves her Crocs because they make a click clack noise when she walks.

We have been able to Chat with the guys and she is loving being able to see and talk with Daddy, Papa, and the boys, and keeps looking at her picture book all during each day. Tonight they showed her how to blow kisses and she just smiled and blew them kisses. I am thankful that the boys are doing so great and seem to be right in the normal swing of things - Thank you for those prayers. I miss them and look forward to seeing them soon.

Chinese New Year festival begins soon, it is fascinating to see all of the beautiful decorations being constructed and put into place all over China. This year is the Year of the Rabbit/Bunny.
What animal are you?

Love you all~

James 1:27

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