Sunday, January 16, 2011

GZ, Temples and Downtown

Today was a relaxing slow paced day compared to the past few days. We didn't have any agenda which was relaxing in itself. We ventures out to visit two temples in south west Guangzhou, the Guangxiao and Liurong Buddist Temples. We saw a lot. Once we got there, we had been told that it would be easy to get to the second temple,...not so much. We finally located it after asking a Policeman for assistance and following two monks 'home' the last half of the block. The Policeman only spoke one word of English, Left. Our Chinese language cards have been helpful, we used them on our previous trip too.  You can order them at .

Once we finally made it back to our hotel ( we had great difficulty getting a taxi back), we enjoyed a trip to Friendship Store and dinner.  We hope you enjoy the pictures. We decided to venture out tonight and try an Authentic Italian restaurant, two Italian guys cook the food. Yum, it was a nice change.

Well, we are very excited about tomorrow! We finally meet Nara Josette. It's hard to believe in less than half a day, we'll be together. Yeah! Please continue to pray for us all. Thank you God for your provision in creating our family and in your perfect time to unite us all together as one. We are thankful that God has adopted us and gives us the privilege to raise our three sons and now, our daughter. We pray God will continue to guide us all and be alive in our hearts. Please pray for Nara Josett'es heart to be open to us and all of our's to her, our transition time in the coming weeks and for Nara Josette's medical needs and upcoming surgery.

The next post should have new pictures of our sweet daughter, with me & Dad.

James 1:27

Thank you all.
Humbly, with Love ~
Ginny & Family

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