Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Top Twenty List - China

You may be in China if...

Top Twenty list:

Daily you see an armored money exchange trucks with guards, helmets, and running with Ak - 47 's

Congee is on the buffet

Hot green tea is served with every meal and you have seen it being harvested

Steam (ed) buns come with meat inside of them

Exchange US dollars for Yuan/RMB, and do quick math conversion in your head

Live native, seafood is displayed, cooked and served to you  - immediately

Chopsticks are provided, forks are by special request, napkins, too at most places

A hole in the floor, is to "Go Potty"

You say Ni Hao as you arrive somewhere or meet people

You receive a red envelope with money inside, for New Year's

Visit the largest gold Buddha in the world, HK

Eat breakfast  with Mickey Mouse and see Tinkerbell at Disneyland HK

Ride a tram to view the sea from 4000m above sea level, at Victoria Peak

Take the ferry to Kowloon Island

Have to get an interpreter at the supermarket - yes, we did.

Requires 19 digits to make a telephone call to the USA

Your fruit is confiscated from your bag at customs

Have lunch overlooking the South China Sea

Costs 5 HK dollars to mail an international postcard

Diet Coke/Coca Cola Light costs more than a handmade porcelain necklace

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