Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Long Journey to be Found!

Today, Long. Thankful, amazing, humbling, sad, happy, BUMPY, gracious. Lots of thoughts run through my mind. SO excited that we were able to find her and Hope's (our friend, the McCracken's daughter) finding spots. It was a miracle!! God is providing such grace every day, it is because of prayer! We know it.

Today after we finished touring and meeting the Nannies, seeing NJ's bed, and room full of friends at the orphanage, the Head President of the Maonan District, Maoming City SWI, Director Wang, told the orphanage driver and the VIce Director to go with us to locate the finding spots. Both of them were in very remote areas, about 12 minutes apart.

Director Ping graciously took us all to lunch before going to the finding spots. It was a nice restaurant. We had our own dining room. It was a large round table with a giant lazy susa. They kept bringing food, the entire table was full of food. They were so understanding and ordered several vegetarian dishes. The dessert steam buns were very interesting.... some local fruit, a small piece of spongey cake, enclosed in what looked like a giant marshmallow bubble. It kind of tasted like coconut.

The Vice Director had to stop and go up to a very, very small little open market on the side of the dirt road. The young man was very gracious. He went and got his younger brother (14) to go with us and take us there. He got in the van next to me, he was gracious and glad to help us. He is a student at the village Primary School, but today was a school holiday and he was out of school. He normally would not be there. NJ was found at the gate to the Primary School. A miracle! The school is truly further down road a few turns, in the middle of No Where. Thank you Lord. It was a nice serene place, with a small pond across the street and a chicken farm a little further down the down. The whole area is very rural and a farming area. We saw farms everywhere, from Guangzhou to this rural area on the outskirts of Maoming. They farm mainly lettuces/cabbages, corn, sugar cane, bananas, coconut, oxen, cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, lychee fruit, oranges, melons, and rice everywhere.

Nara Josette is still doing wonderful. Today was a stressful, long day for her. She did great. She started to tense up a little about a block from the orphanage, I'm not sure if she recognized the area, the sounds, or smell.

When we got out of the van, more tense, she did ok, but buried her head into my chest inside the orphanage. When we finally went upstairs to see her Nannies, friends, and room, she freaked out. I'm not sure what she felt, but it was scary for her. She may have thought we were going to leave her there.... I wore her inside the Boba carrier, it seemed to help her relax the day before. I can't imagine how she would have done outside of the Boba.

We took lots of video and photos until both camera batteries died.

Going to bed. We got up at 5:30am, left at 8am, returned at 8:45pm. Whew. LONG, emotional day. Maoming to straight south almost about 2 hours from the tip of Guangdong.

It really reminded me and Dad of each of our journeys. How amazing it is that we are all found, by our loving, gracious God. Though we all come from different places, look different, and have different daily paths, we are all found by Him and He knows where we are going to be found, now and in the end....

Love ~
Ginny & Family

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