Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pearl River Cruise & WAR EAGLE!

Last night we went for a dinner cruise on the Pearl River. It was beautiful. The Pearl River is the third longest river through China, in Guangzhou it separates two islands, and the buildings and bridges are colorfully lit up at night. The food was good and there was brief entertainment with a clown juggler. The highlight was the views from the boat.

Today we had a fun surprise at breakfast. We met several of our adoption agency's representatives from around the U.S., as well as spoke with the head of our adoption agency. They are here in GZ, to meet with CCAA to request more files for older children who need to be adopted. There are so many older children who need homes before they age out of the system here, at age 14. I know, it's such a young age to encounter the world on your own. Please pray for the children around the world, who encounter this huge challenge each day.

We are very excited to be able to as they meet with the CCAA today and they will also be at our Swearing In ceremony at the U.S. Consulate this afternoon, a very special occasion for us. Nara Josette's passport will be processed for U.S. immigration and she'll be set to come home with us to the U.S.  

An extra cool surprise at breakfast, of course, second place after having her favorite corn congee today. One of the people here with our agency director and representatives, promoting adoption with our agency is, Jonna Chizik (Coach Chizik's wife). WAR EAGLE. Of course, we loved meeting everyone, but she holds a special place in our heart since we are a huge Auburn Tiger family! I told her Nara Josette has a 2011 BCS Championship shirt, we laughed. She is also involved heavily with , it's a non-profit organization that helps children have hope and help while they deal with cancer. They are having a benefit event next month, with the Children's Cancer Clinic at UAB/Children's hospital. I told her that is where on Sister works, WOW, what a neat conversation we had and one more little kiss from God to encounter a strong hearted WAR EAGLE here in Guanagzhou, all the way around the world.

We 're getting ready for our Consulate today. Only a couple more days in GZ.

Love ~
Ginny & Family

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