Saturday, January 15, 2011

Made it to Guangzhou!

Whew, it has been a long day. We were able to video chat with the guys this morning :-) :-) We got up and had breakfast with Mickey and the animals. The food was delicious and we tried a few new things. You'll see from the pictures. We spent a while exploring the resort, pier, and gardens this morning. It is beautiful to look out on the China Sea, viewing other islands and seeing a couple of lighthouses. It was very windy and chilly today in Hong Kong. 

We made a long trek by taxi to the Hong Kong train station and took our express train to Guangzhou. Of course, it was not without the fun of going through customs on both ends. At least we only had to open our luggage one time due to an orange. We forgot about it and they thought we were smuggling in fruit :-| The train ride is about 2 hours long and goes from city to industry to farmland and back again twice. It was neat to see various areas of culture. 

We finally made it to the train station, not an easy feat with 4 suitcases and no elevators, only escalators. :-) Our Coordinators, Rebecca and Joe met us at the station and wisked us away to our hotel. Yeah, the Garden Hotel is awesome. We're excited about staying here. We debriefed and went through all of our adoption documents. Then we went out to the Banana Leak Restaurant. It was a fun experience. The food was good and they have a sing/dance dinner show, as well as the chef making rice dough and noodles while you watch. It was for an entertaining time, especially seeing them sing the "YMCA" song.

Tomorrow(Sunday) we have a free day, our plan is to relax and take it slow. We will meet Nara Josette Monday at 3pm (1am CST). Please keep Praying for our family. Rebecca spoke with the orphanage and they said that Nara Josette is well and ready for the trip (5 hours) to Guangzhou. We can't wait to meet her!

I am posting pictures via Smilebox because of internet issues.
Love ~
Ginny & Stan

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