Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter: Ready, Set, Take Off!

Burrr.... It is Cold. We have been braving the cold weather, icy roads, snow, and getting ready for our upcoming journey to China, as well as getting pumped up for the BCS National Championship Game tonight  - AUBURN VS. Oregon - in Arizona. WAR EAGLE!

We have been busy with school back in session as well as preparing and organizing everything for our trip to bring home our daughter, Nara Josette. It's been a very long journey as many of you know. We have been tremendously blessed by so much prayer, encouragement from our parents, families, and friends over the past several years. From the time we began to share our hearts for adoption while we were in Nashville until today, God has been with us all the way.  From our Life groups of friends to our church families, we could not ask for more genuine and spirit led people to walk along side and sometimes be held up by... 

We are thankful be finally be on the cusp of being united with our daughter. She has been in our hearts for so long. We are more than blessed by our three adventurous, spirited sons and are overflowing with excitement and a deep sense of peace - finally - as the big "G"day approaches. The boys are full of anticipation for their Sister. They have heard about her for soooo long, they won't believe that she is here (like us) until she is in our home sipping Capri Sun and munching on Goldfish.

Please continue to pray as we travel this week. Our the next couple of weeks, we'll be traveling a little more than over 20,000 miles! Please pray for safety, our hearts to be open and woven together as one as our family unites with one another for the first time and in the coming transition weeks, as well as for Nara Josette's health and upcoming surgery. Please pray for Rob, Papa, Nana and the boys as they will be holding down the homestead, while Dad and I trek to China. Thank you, we truly appreciate your prayers. The enemy has been full force the past week or so, trying to tear us down in health and spirit. His persistence only strengthens our belief in God's grace upon our family and our purpose in God's family for our adoption into His family and our adoption of Nara Josette into our family. James 1:27

Stay warm, we look forward to seeing you all again soon and welcome your notes and emails along the way. 

Much Love~
Ginny & Gang


Birthday Girl!

We sent her a Bday cake from

Grace's gingerbread girl

Whit's gingerbread man

Ford's gingerbread man

snow on the mountain

the gang

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