Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wave, Jump, Lemonade Please

Today was a good day. It was great to wake up and for Rob to be home with us on a Saturday morning. We ate and got going to host our Make A Stand lemonade stand. Make A Stand is the summer fundraising campaign for The Cure Starts, raising the much needed funding for pediatric cancer research. We had a last minute change of location (which had been planned all week), but the new location worked out fine. The boys were so excited to sell lemonade to help doctors find a medicine for kids with cancer! They waved, jumped, cheered, and served lemonade and flyers. We had many supporters and many people who waved us their support. Special Thanks to cousin Amy, Nana T, and Papa T for their helping hands. We raised almost $100 dollars at our street stand from selling lemonade and t-shirts. The boys did a pretty fantastic job coloring our signs and serving our patrons. :-) They are already asking when we can sell more lemonade. We are planning to Make A Stand and sell lots of lemonade when we go to the beach in June and a few more times over the summer around town. If you'd like to join us let me know or Make A Stand of your own by registering at They will send you a neat kit to get started. :-) Enjoy the weekend. 


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