Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Adoption Wait

We spoke with our social worker a several times this week. It's been a difficult journey, aside from the usual waits because we've really felt like our journey has been lengthened due to procrastination on the part of our agency. We haven't been sure what to make of it all, but we would appreciate your continued prayers about the process, our agency, and for us and Nara Josette, while we all wait for her to come home. 

As of this week, our file is still in AL awaiting final approval by the state DHR and then will be sent to immigration for approvals/authentications. Once our file is all set, it will be submitted as our dossier to China. At the same time, our file is also finalized enough that we are eligible to be matched. Each month the files of eligible children are sent to shared agencies in hopes of matching them with their new families. Our file is now being considered as each child's file is reviewed. (The files for this month are expected this week!) This process could last a week or months.... Please pray that God will lead our file to be matched, to the daughter that God has purposed for our family in His perfect time. 

If we're matched by September, then we would most likely be able to travel to China in December or January to bring Nara Josette home. :-)))

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