Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Day!

Wow, what an awesome family day. We were so excited to awake to snow everywhere and it was still pouring down... FT could hardly wait to build his first snowman, except it wasn't. We had made several when we lived in TN, he evidently had no memory of it. How sad. We had lots of fun building our snowmen (2) and having snowball fights! All of our fingers were frozen. RT made a wonderful warm breakfast and lunch, to warm us up. The snow eventually stopped late in the afternoon and all melted pretty quickly. We had a fun dinner at a Japanese steakhouse with NT and PT. WT ate more food than the other two combined... he's a chow hound. RT and I had a great time recalling the day and the awesome family memories that we made - Thank you God for the snow and that RT didn't have to work! Please pray for us, we expect to hear something this week about whether or not we're approved by the court. Thanks.

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