Friday, February 27, 2009

Can't help, but laugh

The boys are so funny, it's fun and intimidating at times to find out how much they already know... A couple of nights ago at dinner time, we were all seated, prayed, and began eating. Well, everyone except GT. He hasn't really been interested in dinner for the past week or so. Tonight, RT told him that if he didn't eat with us, then he'd have to be disciplined and go to bed. He chose the later, so off he went. When RT returned, FT said, I'm going to eat my food! He did except the green bean casserole. He eyed it and took a small bite... he put down his fork, eyed it again, looked up at us, and then said, I think I'm going to have to get in trouble, too and go to bed. (in other words, it's not worth it to eat that food!) I was so bummed, I had to excuse myself to the den and I laughed so hard... it's was awful, but it was very funny to see how he determined his choice. RT contained himself (barely), he got FT to eat one more bite and that was it.  Life with the boys, truly amazes us and we are so thankful for them.


  1. I glad to hear another family looking into JOH. Please email me and keep me updated! I would love to help you through this process.

    Michelle C, AL

  2. Love, the blog Ginny!!! Very Fun! Love and miss you!