Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Berrying the Heat

Well, it's pretty Hot here this week. So we went to the berry farm earlier than last time (to avoid heat stroke)  :-)  Thankfully, our awesome friends, the Pope Girls were able to join us and we all picked and ate a lot of blueberries. Unfortunately, Friday is the last day of berry season until next year - - Fortunately we've had many a berry this summer to tide us over until spring. After much sweat, fear of ants, and picking, picking, we finally filled our buckets. We were even able to grab some freshly picked peaches and tomatoes, too. Thanks for all the little hands and full tummies.

Love ~
Off we Go!

Pick, Pick, Pick

A handful of berries

Bird's Nest in the Blueberry Bush

Berry Buds

Yeah, we're done!

I'm ready to go...

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