Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Winding Down

With summer winding down quickly, we've been enjoying fun times with friends and making new ones, too. Yesterday was the MAKE A STAND end of summer campaign party. The Cure Starts raises money and awareness for children's brain cancer research, a crucially needed and life touching cause. The party was at Looney's Super Skate, the boys had lots of fun and we celebrated with other families who'd hosted lemonade stands throughout the summer. WAY TO GO - HILLWOOD!! The Hillwood stand raised the most money, so they won a huge ice cream party from Graeter's!

Another great tidbit is that it was Ford and Graham's first time to go roller skating! They were troopers, we are proud of them for getting out there and rolling. It was slow going, but the tortoise wins the race. No major wipeouts, awesome little men ;-)

Stop.... please
Stayin Alive!
Almost home

Then, it was time for our annual National Night Out neighborhood party. Every year across our country, neighbors gather to unite within their communities to promote community and the local police and officials come as well.

Our party was last night and the boys were excited to go in our wagon, with Graham riding his big wheel. We had our largest turnout to date, with most of our neighborhood coming to enjoy good food, live music, games, and visiting with lots of folks. Special thanks to our police and officials who joined us. The boys had such a nice time, they truly did not want to leave. Graham ended up being carried all the way home... and into his bed.

Fa la lah
Yes, Officer.
we Love balloons

We're trying to live our lives as best we can. Teaching our kids, our greatest task thus far, to share God's love with people and live our lives for Him - a well from His living water. We hope that by our daily struggles and advances, they will learn to give and serve of themselves, thinking more of others than of our daily selfish desires. I know that I am held to a higher account being a parent and that my own faith is held evident by heart.


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