Friday, February 4, 2011

We Made It Home!

As you have probably concluded by now, we made it home safely from China and have been busy in the whilrwind of LIFE: Transition! Thank you again for your prayers, support and prayers! We truly felt so blessed to be welcomed home by so many loving family and friends at the airport. It was heart warming to receive such a "Welcome Home", after such a long journey around the world. Thankfully all of our flights were pretty close to on time and everything went well with a few naps naps and play time on the planes.  Thank you, Alicia, for our huge Welcome banner, decorations, and strawberry cake - yummo!

The boys and Nara Josette are still in the honeymoon phase, but the boys love her being here tremendously. Nara Josette and Whit are already having some sibling rivalry, so it seems pretty normal around here except for her sleep issues. Please pray that her night terrors will subside soon as she begins to feel more secure and safe in her forever home with us. Also, Whit got sick this week and we had to take him to the doctor the same day, he had strep and an ear infection. It was a rough 24 hours or so at our house.

Our week has been richly blessed by our kind neighbors, schoolmates of the boys, our church family, and family alike, they have been providing wonderful meals for us and it has helped beyond measure to not have to worry about shopping for and preparing dinner this past week.

We had Nara Josette's first appt. at the UAB Intl. Adoption Clinic. We could not ask for a better clinic and people to help us, they are wonderful. It is a blessing to have a clinic that specializes in international adoption in our state and within a drive away. We spent about 5 hours there for all of here appts., and have another set for 3 weeks. It's great to be able to go to one place and have them all come to you there, as well as their expertise with adopted children. We also have our appt. set up for the Cleft Clinic at UAB in 3 weeks, please pray for wisdom as the team decides upon a plan for Nara Josette.

Here are a few more pics from China and our return home!

Humbly with Love ~
Swearing in at the U.S. Consulate, GZ
She was the only child with a USA outfit, 
but she has on Chinese bunny boots

Eating well with chopsticks

Chinese New Years Flower Lights

Dad & Our Driver, YEAH!

Dad & Joe, one of amazing Lifeline agency coordinators

Our luggage in the little Chinese taxis

Meeting Mickey at Disneyland Hong Kong

Welcome Home! our Gang

Brother & Little Sister Hugs

Big Brothers and Lil Sister Hugs

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