Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Family Pic by Big Bro. Graham

Well.... I don't really know where to begin. Life has been flying by the past few months since my last post. Sorry for the hiatus. We've living life, I'll try to give you a few highlights and post some pics as time allows. Thank you all for your continued friendship and prayers, it is such a blessing to us. We can feel your prayers through God's faithfulness in our lives and those we witness all around.

The Boys began school in August and it's been a whirlwind this year with daily homework: Kindergarten for Ford and Pre-School for Graham. Whit and I are along for the ride. So far this year, Ford has learned many letters, sight recognition and writing, as well as Math. he's very excited about math, I hope it lasts and he excels in it - since we use it everyday! Graham is just exploding with his language skills and expressing himself, coloring dramatic, bright pictures, writing his name, tying his shoes, etc. Whit, is such a sweet, gregarious son. He is so laid back, fun and already trying to keep up the "The Guys". He loves his brothers and often tries to stowaway in Ford's bed at night, to sleep with Big Brother.

We have been traveling quite a bit to Auburn games (War Eagle), Disney World -Wilderness, and fun gatherings with friends. We pray and hope that Nara Josette can join us soon. I hope she gets here soon because she is "kind of mystery" to the boys. They love her so much, which is a blessing, but also since they don't know her personally they equate her to "Girls". ALL Girls love Pink, Purple, Dolls, Clothes, Bows, Shoes, etc. Everytime we see anything girly they want to buy it for her. It's truly sweet, but I feel so awful continually telling them no, explaining why, trying to convince them to wait until she close to here..... Thank you God for such tender hearted sons and the love they have for their sister. We pray she has the same love for them and our entire family.

Graham actually colored a family Picture of us all, to send Nara Josette in her last package and I just love it! So Sweet. You may notice we're all very colorful, just as Graham drew us and God made each of us divinely unique. Ford also drew a gracious picture to Nara Josette's caregivers, to Thank them for caring for the children at the Xianyang orphange.

Love ~

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