Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today is Nara Josette's 2nd Birthday. She was born two years ago today in Xianyang City, Shaanxi, PRC. We began our adoption process just over two years ago. We're all full of joy thinking about her, her birth, and gazing over her sweet pictures. We continue to pray for great joy in her heart and an openness in each of our hearts, that only God can provide. The boys and I talked about what kind of cake she would like and sang a song for her. We're looking forward to traveling to China soon. We are scheduled to attend a China Travel meeting with our agency and a few other families in a couple of weeks!

Love ~

Here are some interesting details about Xianyang City...

It's 39F in Xianyang City right now, and it's supposed to snow beginning on Friday. [ Better pack our snowsuits :-) ]

Xianyang city is nestled in the central area of Kuan-chung plain, acclaimed as a fertile land in China, To the east it neighbors on Xi’an city, the capital of Shaanxi province .To the west, it adjoins the Yangling Agricultural High-Tech industries Demonstration Zone. To the north it leans on Jiuzong Mountain, and to the South it faces Qinling Mountain. Jinghe River and Weishui River flow across this area. Xianyang city has two districts, one city and ten counties under its Jurisdiction. It covers an area of 10, 196 square Kilometers with a total population of 5 million.
Xianyang is a special place boasting a rich culture of thousands of years, It is the very place where the first Chinese feudal empire, Qin Empire, set its capital (221BC), Xianyang had also served as a capital for thirteen dynasties including Zhou, Han and Tang Empire, Now in Xianyang there are 4951 culture sites, 85 of which are ranked as national and provincial key culture relics under protection, The 27 Imperial Mausoleums and Tombs (very much resembling a pyramid) in particular, are the places where 28 mighty emperors of Han and Tang Dynasty rest. A number of imperial tombs now have become well-known tourist attractions, including the Yanglin tomb for Emperor Liuqi in han Dynasty; Maolin tomb for Emperor liuche in Han Dynasty; Zhaolin tomb for Emperor Li Shimin in Tang Dynasty; and Qianlin tomb for the only Chinese Empress Wu Zetian and her husband Emperor Lizhi, Without Shaanxi, the history of China will lose its fineness; without Xianyang, Han and Tang Dynasty shall lose their charm.
Xianyang is famous for its Chinese medicine culture as well, and it is a very unique city known for its health care, It boasts the largest Chinese medicine specimen laboratory in Northwest China, the very first Medicine Science & Technology Museum in China, and a number of scholars and institutes who specialize in Chinese Medicine, Many internationally well-known doctors and physicians, such as “Magical Scalpel”, “Pulse Doctor” Feng Wuchen, “Magical Needles” Zhao Buchang, “Magical Packages” Lai Huiwu,” the expert on tumor” Li Qubing and Tian Jlngfeng, attract many travelers from Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia to come here for medicine and treatment, Chinese Medicine foot therapy industry booms and the “Xianyang Foot Therapy ”has become famous in China.
As a central city in China, Xianyang enjoys many geographical advantages with convenient transportation conditions, lt used to be the first stop along the Silk Road. Xianyang, the first Chinese imperial capital with unfailing charm, together with its people of integrity, hospitality and openness, await visitors from China and the world to come for sightseeing, business and investment, Let us join hand in hand and embrace a prosperous future !

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