Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ford's Fa la la la la La laaa La laaa

Today was a wonderful day with all of my guys. This morning was Ford's Kindergarten Christmas Concert and parent party. He did such a fabulous job, singing some and hanging strong. In the past he's been a little audience shy, but this year he stood strong throughout the program and even sang the Chubby Little Snowman in a 6 member group. So proud of our boy. Afterward, we had a fun parent party in his class and enjoyed the kids serving us all refreshments and receiving handmade ornaments.

Then, Rob took the boys and me to scout out Christmas ideas for Mommy. We haven't done it before because I usually don't ask for anything specific, but this year I thought I'd help them out with some good ideas. ;-)

Tonight, we had so much fun with some wonderful friends, the Pope's. Of course, we love to eat Chinese food, so we skipped over the Asian Bistro, YUM! You cannot believe the food that the boys eat including Whit, like Calamari, Stuffed Wontons, Lo Mein, Egg Rolls, etc. - It's Awesome. The people there are always so friendly, it truly is refreshing and welcoming and we even learned a few new Chinese words. Zai Jian - Goodbye.

Love ~ 

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