Monday, December 7, 2009

Nara Bunny

We have all been getting more excited each day in anticipation of Nara Josette's arrival. We're already transitioning into an multicultural, American-Chinese family. It's evident in our hearts and interests, it's been an evolution since God laid adoption on our hearts just over six years ago. It's been an wonderful explosion of a journey thus far. We do not know where our path will take us, but we do know that as long as we look to Him, it will be 'our intended path'. Please keep us all in your prayers as our union with our daughter draws closer each day. Please continue to pray for our hearts to meld as one, just as they have for each of our children and each sibling for one another. We are praying for calmness and peace of heart to be a blanket over our family.

We've graciously been able to send Nara Josette a few care packages and hope to send a couple more before our journey to China. Many orphanages do not allow any contact following the referral until the day you 'meet' your child. We are thankful to be in contact with Nara Josette's orphanage and

We took the boys to Build-A-Bear so they could choose a friend for their sister. They chose, Nara Bunny, and built her from scratch, including picking all of her clothes and recording a personal message. We made a new pic of our family and used it to make t-shirts for Nara Josette and one for her bunny.

The boys also chose birthday cards to send with bunny. Graham of course, chose Ariel because he loves princesses for girls. Ford chose a Barnyard singalong & recording card because he is our animal lover and we all recorded a birthday greeting, partially in Chinese. We know she received it because of our latest pictures from her orphanage (Truly another blessing God).

Wishing you all a joyous Advent season,
Love ~ 


Nara Bunny

Brothers with Nara Bunny

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