Thursday, June 24, 2010

Creations All Around

Everyday is an adventure when you're in the country. One day does not go by that we do not see one or more of God's creations. Some we enjoy a lot, and well others we really do not want to see.  We have been enjoying the outdoors more since I'm now on three allergies meds to keep my allergies under control with so many natural allergens surroundings us. We're near an outdoor nature center, so it stands to measure that many if not more of those beautiful, pollen filled creations are all around us. 

I'm glad that I can finally enjoy the outdoors and breath easy. The boys Love finding, researching, and capturing any of God's creations, with the exception of flying stingers. The boy's bug house has seen many guests, most of which have made it out alive. Whit's young, so he still needs help with gently handling the guests and we always hope they make it out safely after their visit. The boys have hosted frogs, crickets, grasshoppers, fireflies, lightening bugs, centipedes, dirt dobbers, and a few other little things. We've also caught a skink, a turtle, seen a chicken snake, and of course Love the resident peacocks. 

The peacocks have become 'members of the family', we all love to watch them and enjoy the true wonder of God's creations. The colors of their feathers are amazing, more beautiful than could be imagined. They are protective of the house and property, and like to hang out when we're around.  But, they also alert us of of things that unsettle them and sleep in the trees over the house. The boys, love to say "Goodnight" to them in the tree high above their windows each night. It's been a blessing to be able to talk with the boys about how Percy watches over them each night, but even more so God watches over us each day/night. Reinforcing to them of God's unconditional, highest love for us all, protecting us and guiding us each day, when we open our hearts and lives to Him.

We're enjoying the time we have here at the river house, so graciously from our friend's the J's. We cannot fathom their generosity and humble spirits. God is using them in mighty ways to strength and minister to our family during this time of transition and growth for our family. We pray to find our new home very soon and to be able to settle our family. Doing so, will also enable us to continue forward in our adoption process of Nara Josette. Thank you for your prayers, we appreciate them more than you know.

Acres of Beauty

Mr. HardShell

Making a Run for it

Mr. Froggie

Mr. Centipede

Alpha, Percy

Wow, a 7 foot spread

Off Road Adventure


Graham, swinging for it

Ford, our leader

Whit loves the clown around, he's full of surprises

The whole crew, rocking on a hot afternoon

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