Friday, June 4, 2010

Hello There :-)

Hi Everyone! Yes, we're still here. We have been wire less, with no internet service since we returned from China - the line was out at the road box. We're at the 'river house' and have been enjoying very slow paced,  simple family time. Since our return, the TV and internet have not worked, boards games, etc., school is out, we've been looking for a house, and Rob has been putting in more hours at work to make up for being away and co-workers being on vacation. So that's what we've been up to...

We also received a new referral for our daughter! A precious little girl, Nan Yun Lin (her nickname is LinLin). She lives in Maoming City, Guangdong, PRC. She is 17 months old and is at a Half the Sky orphanage, her SN is cleft lip. We are very excited about her, she has bright lively eyes and a sweet smile. We're uncertain about when we will travel to bring her home, hopefully before her 2nd birthday in December.  

Please pray for us to find our new home, that everything will go well with the contract and we'll be able to move into it as soon as possible, and for our continued adoption journey. We continue to pray for JiHong and now we're praying for  LinLin, too! 

The boys are enjoying all of our free time and finding Lots of bugs, lightening bugs, and hoppers, to capture nightly in their 'bug house'. They are also looking forward to us finally moving into our new home and expanding upon their imaginary adventures. :-)

Also, the peacocks at the river house are expecting. They have been nesting 4 eggs for about a month. We'll see if they hatch... They chose an interesting place for their nest, the bed of the Gator ATV.

Many thanks to you for your prayers; for continuing to call us. We look forward to seeing you.

Love ~

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