Monday, October 25, 2010

No time for Fall?

Whew, the weeks are flying by so quickly. October is almost gone and Christmas will be upon us before we can wink. It's been a very busy couple of weeks. We finally had to break down (literally) and buy Rob a car. His old car was 11 years old and we well got the money's worth from it. It was a great car, it just got old very quickly. In the past few months, we've more than paid it's worth in repair and tow bills. So....Yeah! Rob finally has a great gas saver and reliable care.

It's also been a busy work season for Rob and not much time to be without a car that's broken down, so we're very thankful that God allowed us to locate a car for him (Thank you, Alan!)

The boys have been enjoying picking plenty of fall leaves and nature walks, building a rock and stick fort, helping PopPop clear the back of our lot with the John Deere, school Fall Festival, painting the piggy, adventures with Curious George from Ford's class, celebrating Clay (3rd) and Kylie's (2nd) birthdays, and trying to work on the house. Also, getting ready for Graham's 5th birthday this week and the adoption paperwork trail. Whew, I'm tired just thinking of it all.


War Eagle! #1

Brothers - Fall Leaves


G on the Twister...

George and Tiger ready for a ride

Clay's 2nd Bday Cowboy Party

Kylie's wish

George caught a grasshopper in his mouth - look closely (it's alive!)

Whit's piggy

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