Monday, October 4, 2010

Turning New Leaves

I can hardly believe that fall has arrived. My favorite season with cool weather and beautiful foliage changes - great for running and star gazing! Summer seemed to last forever this year, maybe because we experienced so much change in a few months. Sorry for my blog hiatus, it's been a VERY busy couple of months. We finally found a new home, moved and have gotten pretty settled in, began two new schools, three new classes (which the boys are truly loving and thriving at), continuing on our adoption journey with new paperwork and more waiting, and only two non-fatal accidents (Whit and I both survived with small battle scars). Whit and I have been enjoying daily one on one time together, with our new school schedule and it's been a lot of fun. The bog boys and I have been having great times working on their school projects together, they are so talented (of course, most Mom's say that...).

Whew.... all that and a little more, but way to much to cover it all. Most recently we've enjoyed spending lots of time with Family, old and new sweet friends, submerging at our church and bible study, and visiting some of our favorite fun places. :-) Although we're missing some of our friends and church that we moved away from. :-(  Oh yeah, I also celebrated my 20 year high school reunion with many old schoolmates. It was wonderful to see so many kids that I grew up with doing so well and to meet all of their families. It's surreal to believe that it's been 20 years since I was in school, it seems so near in my mind. I had a great school experience with Christian teachers and my heart hurts for the difference in the world and schools today - with a world that forces kids to grow up so quickly. Well, I better run for now. More to come soon. Thank you all for you prayers, friendship and encouragement. It's been a very long, stretching year so far, but our family is stronger than ever and we're excited about the coming months!  Only the Lord knows our journey and that gives us a peace and hope that truly, only He can offer. Our faith has been challenged many times this year and it is exciting to know His faithfulness to provide - Always. 

Please continue to pray for our family as we approaching our travel time to bring our daughter home. Please pray for all of our hearts to listen to and wait upon the Holy Spirit, especially all of the kids, peace over our home, strength in our marriage, and for Nara Josette (Yun Lin - her Chinese name) to know a peace and love that only God can provide. We've continued to be on the paperwork trail with our adoption for Nara Josette. We updated our homestudy and have updated several more forms as well. Now we wait for our TA (Travel Approval date), we should have her home before Christmas.

In case you haven't noticed, it's football season 


Here are a few pictures of our recent adventures.
Much Love ~

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