Thursday, April 9, 2009

We're Coming Nara Josette...

Well,... We had a huge update this week for our adoption direction and timeframe to bring Nara Josette home.  RT and I have been praying and talking a lot the past three months about changing our adoption request from China or Taiwan to China for our daughter with 'minor' special needs (CSN). We have been waiting since December '08 to find out if we would be pre-approved for Taiwanese adoption. In the meantime God began leading our hearts toward CSN. Finally last week and this past weekend, we decided to change our request to CSN. We called our social worker on Monday morning and requested the forms, scheduled another annual physical and DHR forms to update since those expire in May. In talking with her, we should hope to receive our referral packet (picture/history and medical file) in late summer and pray for God's timing, we are hopeful that we may be able to travel by the end of this year in December. Finalizing our official package/dossier to China should take about 2 months. 
Ah,... an important detail. I called JOH on Wednesday to inquire about the status of our pre-approval application for Taiwan. JOH said, "Oh glad you called - we heard from Taiwan on Monday that you were declined for adoption". Honestly, I was relieved and peaceful when I heard the news. The JOH lady said, Are you OK, Are you Mad, Are you there??" She obviously expected a different response. RT and I are both at peace about where we're at in our adoption process and believe so strongly that God sweetly confirmed for us, that we are on the perfect path to our daughter. After all, for almost seven years God has told us that we have a daughter in China. We just need gentle blinders along our path to help keep us on course and follow His crumbs. Thank you for your continued prayers. We ask for Jesus to lead us the Nara Josette, He already knows what special needs she will have and for Him to be preparing our hearts to best love her and help her grow, just as we do the boys. Please pray for God's protection over her, her 'friends' and her caregivers hearts. His orphans are in every country including our own, who deserve our prayers and support. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement on our adoption journey.
Love ~

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