Sunday, April 26, 2009

Whew! Now the Wait

RT took his ABA boards in NYC this past week. Whew, is about all we can say. We will not know his results until the end of May, but we are both so thankful to have them done and past us, for now. Hopefully, forever! Thank you Jesus for holding us up with your strength during the past months/years of Rob's training; especially the past 6 months. We truly cannot fully express the love and appreciation that we have for our parents, families, and friends during these trying times. RT has some amazing colleague friends who supported him throughout his studying/mock processes the past few years! It has repeatedly turned us to John 15. One of the strongest images of the Total/Complete Christ and our need/reliance on Him. We have been enjoying time together as a family one again and it's very refreshing and anew. I am more thankful than ever for the soul mate that has been given to me and provided for me. It's also gives me such joy in my heart to see how much the boys relish time and playing with their Daddy.  Thanks to our friends for sharing a light hearted and relaxing weekend with us all, we needed it. Thankful for the day to day...


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