Sunday, January 24, 2010

Adoption into the Family

God's love is so amazing and infinite. Sometimes it truly hard to comprehend that God wanted/wants me and has provided such a love and opportunity for me to belong His family. But... just with any family, we  are expected to do 'our share', which is serving Him and sharing His love with others. 'His Love' meaning our lives.  These thoughts come to me often with respect to my need to sacrifice to myself and give to my husband, my kids, and many others who I don't even know their names.  
One way that God is teaching me and Rob, has been through our adoption journey. There have been many curves, peaks, and valleys.  We are already tremendously blessed with our three sons and feel so fortunate to be entrusted with our daughter as well. We're thankful for the many people that God has allowed us to befriend and grow with, through our heart for adoption, fostering, and the bigger plight of orphans locally and worldwide.  It's especially evident now with so many children being 'lost' in Haiti without parents. We all continue to pray for the Haitian people during this horrific time.
We have met a few families who have recently adopted internationally and two sweet families who are adopting this week in China. The C's left on Friday and should be united with Lily this evening, they also have four other children.  The W's will depart on Friday for China and are taking three of their four children with them! It's amazing to see the fruition of their faithfulness in God uniting their families. Adoption is a calling, a blessing, a treasure, unearned/unconditional love. We know how unworthy we are to be able to adopt Nara Josette, but we have been so filled from God's love with each step on this journey. Even, more so for the fruitful witness that the W's journey has been. Join us in praying for the C's, the W's, and many other 'adoption and foster friends'. 

Here' s a beautiful picture of Lily at her SWI. Despite circumstances, God can grow flowers in the desert. (I love their caption) Please continue to pray for orphans and children in need, near you and worldwide.

only wimps need mattresses - wood

They are very strict in China, regarding quarantining 
anyone with a temperature for observation

Love ~

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