Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Today we received our call, that our LOA (letter of acceptance) from the CCAA in China arrived at our agency! Yeah, what a blessing. It's about 3-4 weeks earlier than we had expected it. This estimates our timeframe from LOA to TA (travel approval) is about 2-3 months. Once we receive our TA, we'd travel within two weeks. We'll most likely still travel in the spring. 

The Chinese New Year holiday begins in a couple of weeks and the CCAA and the U.S. Consulate each close for alternating weeks, so that will probably add 2-3 weeks onto our timeline. We're very excited that our friends in Bham also received that LOA today, too!

Regardless, the time the drawing near when Nara Josette will be home with us all. The boys are excited. This afternoon the boys and I went to the pottery place and painted. They painted beautiful creations and were sure to include a couple for their sister, too. Whit had fun for a while, but was ready to be done with the paint so he began throwing brushes and sponges. Thank goodness they were dry and I had some tic tacs to tame him. :-) We cannot wait to pick up the masterpieces next week.

Lots of Love ~

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