Thursday, May 13, 2010

Continue to Pray

Thank you. Sincerely, Thank you, for all of your prayers, comments, and verses of encouragement to meditate upon.

The past few days have been a long and difficult journey for everyone involved. We know that God is in the midst of everything, including right now with us.

Everyone here has been wonderful and we have the highest respect for the officials, orphanage director and staff, and all of our contacts here. The orphanage was a wonderful Christian place, as much as orphanages can ever be.We are very humbled and thankful for this journey and all that God has provided and revealed. After MUCH prayer and counsel we chose to not complete the adoption. There are more medical issues than originally known to all and we believe that her forever family will be united with her in the future. We also believe that our Daughter, is still here in China and pray that we will be united with her with hasten pace, in God's time and provision. As soon or timely as it may be.

Humbly we thank you for your prayers and concerns. We would like to keep the details (regarding the medical issues) of our final decision closed to our family, so please honor our trust in you and our request, for the sake of JiHong, the China adoption program, our agency, the Civil Affairs in Xian, the Orphanage Director and the Caregivers. Please continue to pray for JiHong and her orphanage. We cannot explain the respect and gratitude we have for the people there and their hearts, their love of the Lord and His provision for the children in their care. If you are interested in sponsoring this orphanage, please contact us, they have an organization in the US which assists them.

It has been a horribly heart wrenching, soul searching, last few days, we have shed more tears than ever thought possible. We cannot convey what it has been like here China truly is a world away from the US and our culture. God has given us straight direction on our decision and peace in our hearts. We know in our hearts and minds that we will grieve our time with JiHong, our hopes and dreams thus far for our daughter, and the decisions we have had to make with limited knowledge and much faith.

We still strongly believe that our daughter is here in China and hope to be united with her as soon as is possible in God's plan for our family. We have grown a deeper appreciation for China and it's people and culture over the past week. We truly sympathize with birth families who feel led to give up their children for adoption, it cannot be an easy decision, but one of necessity for the children and the care that the families cannot provide to them. We are in deep prayer for the people here, there are many good people and precious children; we have been very blessed to meet professing Christians here.

We are thankful for all of the prayers and assistance we have received thus far from agency here in China. We hope that our continued journey to our daughter will be hastened as it is in our hearts.

We are uncertain about our travel plans at this time, we will update you when we know.

Very Sincerely,

Wo Ai ni ~

Rob and Ginny

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