Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sat, May 8, 2010 9:36:02 AMEmperor Rule Tea & Kung Fu Pearls

WOW - Ni Hao,
Today was a fabulous day! We truly was immersed in Chinese culture today and it was a wonderful experience of a lifetime. We began our day with webcam with the boys, Thanks Nana and Papa / Amy. The boys were so sweet to have made and gave me Mother's day cards. I loved the pink flower, the handprint flower, and the blown kisses, Thank you babes. We love you and we miss you. It sounds like you're enjoying plenty of home cooked food and have fun at the swim party tomorrow.

Our guide, Jack, took us to the Tiananmen Square (the largest city square in the world, 109 acres), Mao's Mausoleum (highly regarded throughout the country - the wait is a couple hours long), Forbidden City (the Emperors official court, administration offices, temple, bedroom, etc. - the City has 999 rooms and housed about 5,000 people during the dynasty's). Next, we went to Temple of Heavenly Peace and Park (wonderful place where the Emperor fasted and prayed while offering animal sacrifices). The Park was phenomenal! There were beautiful juniper trees over 500 years old and lake stone fossils, not to mention all of the people. There were choruses, hacky sack players, banjo players, poker and chess games, opera singers, flag twirlers, etc!!) It was full of life. Then we went to an authentic Tea House where we learned all about tea and tasted (we bought some flower tea and a clay pot), next on to the Legend of Kung Fu opera/ballet/cirque de soleil, a Pearl House - where they string them for you, a Chinese Pharmacy for acupuncture, and a massage. We enjoyed a full 12 hour day. It passed very quickly. Unfortunately, our camera died along the way, so we don't have pictures from today.
We learned so much about Chinese government and culture today, it was overwhelming. We saw a lot more uniformed personnel at the Square and Forbidden City. There was actually an entire force of military officers within the City. It was very encouraging to see several little girls today with their families in the morning (Sunday) we visit the Emperor's Summer Palace and then fly out to Xian, Shaanxi. We will check into out hotel and wait for a call that it's time to meet Nara Josette for our "Gotcha Day"!! If not, that evening, then we'll meet her the next morning, which will be Mother's Day in the USA!!

Wo Ai Ni ~


Ginny & Rob

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