Friday, May 7, 2010

Our First Full Day in China

Ni Hao! Today was full of learning, walking, and delicious food. We started the day with webcamming with the boys! We miss them so much, it was heart warming/kiss from above to see them and talk with them about their day, they even tried to share their snacks with us. They're each so precious. We love you - Ford, Graham, and Whit.

We met our guide, Jack, and set out for the Great Wall - Mutanyu section. It was about 1 hr 20 min. north of downtown. Beijing is 16,800 Km in size, while the Great Wall is 6,319 Km and spans 9 provinces in China. The wall took 1 million people to construct it and is often referred to by locals as "The Long Cemetery" because so many people died during its construction and were buried within it. :-( The wall is much steeper and dangerous than it briefly appears. It is unbelievable to imagine how it was built so long ago and is still maintained. AMAZING and breathtaking views!
We enjoyed an amazing day of hiking along it, sight seeing, lunch at a local shop, then we returned to the city for a hutong tour. Hutong means narrow/alley because the streets of the historic district are very narrow. Most people in the city drive cars now, but in the historic area - the central circle of the city - they ride bikes and rickshaw. We only had one crash today, that seems pretty good considering the driving style. Just think NYC, Atlanta, Boston multiplied times 10! ;-0 We also climbed over 100 stairs straight UP, the Drum Tower. It was used to signal the city gates opening/closing each day and to keep time for the city. The tower is very high, so it could be heard all over the city. Very Loud, up close - we were a few feet away from the drummers. The Chinese culture is very fast paced, yet very serene and calm. It's truly an exceptional gift to be here to experience Nara Josette's culture, God's beauty is very evident in the countryside.
The 10 Temple Bridge and Hutong area were fascinating with culture, we were privileged to visit with a family in their home and talk with them about their fruit garden and his ancient Chinese artwork. The artistry is beyond belief, some of the die-cut pictures take 5 months to create.
Rob was thrilled with our meals today, he enjoyed plenty of meat/seafood to fulfill him. Some of it even 'watched him'.
Only two more days until we meet our precious daughter, Little Dou Dou (little bean) or Mei Mei (little sister). We're really beginning to feel like we're on the edge of our seats. We were encouraged today by newer laws regarding children. Couple's can now have two children if the first child is a girl and both parents came from a one child families. If you have a sibling, then you can still only have one child, but in the urban large cities, more families are desiring and like to have girls, as opposed to in the past. Boys are still highly desired in more rural/farm areas.
Only 2 days, until our "Gotcha Day" - we meet Nara Josette.
Wo ai ni (Love) ~

Ginny & Rob


  1. I am so glad you got to have some much needed fun together today!

  2. Hey! Love the pictures!!
    I remember that crazy driving in scared me to death!
    I'm getting so excited! I can't wait to see your little bean with you!
    Have fun! I think China is such an amazing place.

  3. These pics are great! I'm just catching up on the last few posts because our modem has been acting up and won't load blogs (or anything picture-heavy). Praying for the rest of your journey, sweet friend.