Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our Journey Has Begun

Hi! This morning we began our journey to bring home our daughter, Nara Josette JiHong. We're very excited yet weary. It's been a very busy three weeks with packing for the move, closing, hunting, packing for trip, paperwork, sinus infection... Thank you for all your prayers and kind words and actions, it has truly helped us through the past weeks. We departed very early this morning for the airport and much to our dismay, we were the Only ones there. Our tickets and paperwork all said be there 2-3 hrs. before your flight. Yeah right! We waited about 45 minutes before any workers arrived. At least we were the first in line, hee hee. Thanks! Uncle AJ for your delivery service and bright humor in the wee hours. We made it to Charlotte, but barely. Due to fog delay we literally had to RUN across the airport and barely made our JFK flight as they were closing the door. We could hardly breath. :-) Yeah, finally in NYC and our flight is delayed, so we have 5 hours to rest/decompress. We're getting so excited, but it all still seems surreal. We miss the boys already and were excited that Nana got the webcam set-up yesterday and we were able to test it. The boys Loved it!  I cannot wait to 'see' them again.

God has continued to bless us beyond our imagination with little miracles each day to kiss us along this journey, even yesterday and today.

Thank you father for your provision and pray you bless this time as we unite in body and spirit with our daughter, who has been in our hearts for so long. Precious Daughter, we'll hold you soon. Actually, we should meet Nara Josette on Mother's Day (USA).

Need to run to our Gate - we depart for Beijing soon. Please continue to pray for our family (transition and home search), our daughter as her whole world will be changing very soon, and the boys as they welcome their sister home.

Thank you for your love, and sharing His love with us through your friendship.

Love ~
Gin & Rob


  1. Excited for you both, been praying for yall. So much of what the Lord is saying today is about contentment. I'm not sure how that applies to yall, but I thought I would pass it along. Right now I keep thinking about where you are on your long journey to Beijing. It's so strange to think we did this just 3 months ago. Have fun in Beijing!

  2. Rob and Gin-- I am a friend of the Thorton's from Wetumpka. Rob's mom sent me an email last night b/c my husband and our 3 girls live in China. I am so so so excited for y'all! I know God is going to use little Nara to extremely bless your family and change you forever. I'm excited to follow your china adventure. We are actually in the process of adopting our 4th daughter too. I was surprised when i was reading your adoption timeline b.c we too started with Taiwan and then switched to China. Praying for y'all. Please contact me if you need anything while you are here. I sent your mom our email and phone numbers. I hope you have a wonderful time. Blessings,
    Sonya (Robinson) Todd