Thursday, April 29, 2010

Calmness in the midst Change

In the midst of so much change, transition, anticipation, tiredness. We are truly knowing and feeling God's love and provision at the center of our lives. God has allowed us to be blessed in so many ways and by many people, especially over the past three weeks. Thank you for your continual prayers.

We have been tremendously blessed by our friend's (the J's) very generous gift; allowing us to move temporarily to their river house when we completely move from our current house. We officially leave for China May 5th, return on the 23rd, and must be moved to the river house by the end of May.

We have been going out to the river house quite a bit the past week. It's a serene, wonderland. The boys absolutely Love it. I must admit from the moment you drive down the long dirt road, the weight and business of the world seems to melt away. A peace, God's beauty is all around you. The only negative to it, is uncompromising need to watch the boys every second. With nature all around, boys can get into trouble, before they realize it and we don't want any accidents to arise if we can help it. :-)

The boys Favorite feature of the river house, is the peacocks. They are beautiful, unique, friendly, and living security / wildlife alarms!! Peacocks scream like a high pitched woman when they are alarmed; they have been known to make grown men cry like babies. :-o

Fortunately, they roost at night in the trees around the house and would only scream if an intruder approaches. We'll see how that goes. :-))

Here's a little taste of calm beauty (His creations), enjoy!
Love ~

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  1. How peaceful & educational! Thinking (& praying) for you and your beautiful family! May God surround you with Peace.