Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Rising

We celebrated a wonderful Lent season, ending with Easter on Sunday. It is truly amazing to see the tiny seeds being planted and nurtured in our sons hearts. Of course, we all have have our off days, but it's obviously beyond Rob and me how much the Holy Spirit is growing their hearts and creating such thirst within each of them. I'm often left in awe of the words and concepts that Ford and Graham understand and ask about. They all love Jesus and Ford has asked Jesus to live in his heart and continues to do so often. I wish and pray my heart was as pure as a child's.

We enjoyed egg hunts(7), Easter parties, dyeing 3 dz. eggs, peeps, cooking, and time with our family and friends, aside from the most obvious; Praising God for our Salvation and His precious sacrifice for us. Some of the happiest moments of my days are listening to Ford sing songs, like He is Mighty to Save and Our God Is An Awesome God! May God be Alive within your and my heart each day, and we strive to serve Him and share His love.

Love ~
Waving Palms for Jesus entry into Jerusalem


G's Kindergarten Easter Celebration

G and Mommy

F's Easter Celebration at the Farm

F Feeding Faton Carrots

Eggs of Many Colors

G's Yellow

F's Red

W's Orange



F & Donald Bunny

The Guys in Ties

Nara Josette's Basket of Cards 
from Nannie & all the Cousins


Easter Birthday Cake for the Sisters!

Happy Birthday Today, Julie!

Great Ma & Audrey

Great Ma & Tamara

Hi there, Cousin!

The Reds

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