Friday, April 2, 2010

Quote of the Day

It's great to hear your kids conversing and playing well together. It brings joy to my heart. 
But, when you hear them say "unique things", it can really bring a Huge Smile to your face and heart.

Yesterday, I opened the patio for them to go outside. As soon as they went out the door, I heard.... "Mom, Wow - What a beautiful centerpiece!"  (I had placed a tulip vase on the boys outside table after they has gone to sleep the night before.) I'm not sure how many 5 yr. olds know what a centerpiece is, especially since I can't recall the last time I heard the phrase either.

Today, the boys have been playing train. One boy pulling the other two on a blanket around the house. They had been taking turns pulling, then Ford began to tire of it. He says to Graham, "You get off the train and wait for train #2, it'll be by after train #1 takes Whit for a ride". Graham says, "Hey, There's not another train!" Ford says, "There will be once this train runs." So of course, Graham got off the train..... :-)

Have a blessed Good Friday.

Love ~

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