Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time, Time... Now?

Time, such a precious thing. It is amazing how little and hurried your time can be when there are endless details to be taken care of... We know, Know that God will lead us to the right house, allow us to travel to our daughter, and give us a peace beyond our own understanding, but it's very hard to try to hold it all together in the midst of the hurricane. While all of our circumstances are all very positive things, they are also all at the same time. I've been wondering what else could come up? Well, I know. Yesterday and today, Whit has decided he is really ready to Potty Train, NOW! He has been asking and randomly going to the potty to sit for a few weeks, but the past two days he has fully used the potty 4 times. I cannot believe it. Now!? It's great, but everyone's knows it is very time consuming and frustrating at times. I have not encouraged this because I knew we had Nara Josette coming soon and many kids revert (not using the potty) if a new kid arrives - we were hoping to delay this for a few months since he just turned 2. So, please continue to pray for us to find our new home very soon, or a rental if necessary, and for our travel, adoption, and potty training. Thank you Lord for all of these wonderful blessings, please give us strength on this journey.

Much Love~
A Sweet Brother, who is so excited for his baby sister to arrive. 
Graham surprised me with a picture of a Sister Knight in the middle of his army of knights. 
The boys are really into knights and soldiers and they draw & cut them out daily. I was truly touched by his heart in showing his sincere excitement for his sister's arrival.

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