Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thank you for your treasured prayers and words of encouragement and support. We are overwhelmed with your love and care for our family. God has truly blessed us beyond our imaginations during this very difficult time. What began as a joyful and predictable journey to our daughter, has become a very difficult and somber winding path. We are enjoying our time together with one another and seeing the beauty of China and it's great history. At the same time, our hearts are wounded. We have been entrusted with more than we could ever deserve with our three unique and gentle boys. However, we have traveled a long and laborious journey to find our daughter, and she is still alone and we are without her. We pray that God will provide for us to be united with her in steadfast speed and protect and comfort our family until that time.

We had requested assistance from the NBC/DHS (immigration) agency to help us process a new adoption which the Chinese gov't. provided and would process quickly for us, but our own gov't. will not provide any assistance even though we are in China. It's very difficult to understand how your own gov't. cannot want to help us to adopt a child when you are in-country and ready and willing to welcome a child into your family and home. Right now we are frustrated with our gov't. red tape and lack of concern for it's own citizens as well as others/children. The new process could take several months to go through.

We are praying that God will ease our minds and hearts, direct our paths straight, and make His plans and time very plain to us. We are also praying for Ji Hong and her caregivers/director/friends at the orphanage. She is a precious child and we are praying that God will provide her family for her soon. We have been joyful in our hearts of the adoptive families that we have seen the past few days, for their new families and the long journeys that we known they have endured. Honestly, it's also been very hard to see them, missing our own daughter. We know time will heal our wounds and God will never leave us as we seek Him, but we pray our journey will be steadfast.

We are scheduled to return home the first of the week. God Bless each of you and your families.


Ginny & Rob

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